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Robert Hanssen, the Cold War era spy, has died in prison. Chris Cooper played him in the movie based on his exploits. Hanssen certainly has to be given credit for being prodigiously crafty. He was probably the smartest person in the FBI, getting away with it for years right under the noses of counter-intelligence. Also an outwardly devout Catholic who was into voyeurism and romanced a stripper. An interesting specimen, R.I.P.


RIP to the great Pat Cooper
I knew Pat was gettin' older, so it's not super surprisin', but it
still don't mean that it ain't super sad.
Ya won't see the likes of a Pat Cooper again.
He was a genius of himself.
It's like Pat used to say about some of the old greats "it's over,
you won't see those oil paintings anymore".

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Prolific Songwriter.
treat williams 71,great character actor died in a horrififc motorbike crash.
Elizabeth R

Roger Payne, biologist and advocate for conservation of sea-life, especially whales, died on 10 June.

In 1971, Dr. Payne founded the Ocean Alliance, a research and advocacy group now based in Gloucester, Mass. He went on to conduct hundreds of research trips, living with Katy Payne and their four children in Argentina for a time while studying right whales, and wrote books including “Among Whales” (1995). He also co-wrote and co-directed a 45-minute Imax film, “Whales: An Unforgettable Journey,” narrated by actor Patrick Stewart.

But he remained best known for “Songs of the Humpback Whale,” a 34-minute, five-track record — song titles include “Solo Whale” and “Three Whale Trip” — that sold more than 100,000 copies. Musicians including Judy Collins and Kate Bush used excerpts from the recordings, and in 2010, the album was added to the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress.

He was friends with novelist Cormac McCarthy who also died a few days ago.

Ronnie Knight obituary
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