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Murray Melvin - 10 August 1932 – 14 April 2023

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Yes indeed very saddened to have found out.
Will rewatch the film again tonight


Fast-witted comedy legend and gladioli fan.
my policy of dont speak about someone unless you have something good to say fails today,i detested dame edna ,lily savage was the same.saying that r.i.p barry humphries

RIP Jerry - TV would never be the same again after that show...
Very sad news about Gordon Lightfoot.
'If You Could Read My Mind' is an all time favourite of mine; thank you for giving us such beautiful music, Gordon; Rest In Peace.
Elvis rendition of Early Morning Rain is a song I never tire of hearing. Any version. Absolutely amazing.
RIP Rita Lee
Foundin' member of Os Mutantes and went on
to become known as the Queen Of Rock.
She also was a fighter for Animal rights.

“I was not born to get married and wash underwear. I wanted the same freedom as the boys
who used to play in the street with their toy cars. When I got into music, I realized that the
“machos” reigned absolute, even more in rock music. ‘Wow’, I said, ‘this is where I’m going
to let my fangs out and, literally, give them a hard time.’”


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