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Famous when dead


RIP Joey.

Joey Jordison, Slipknot’s founding drummer, dies at age 46


While I know of ZZ Top I remember him most from king of the hill and as a result that they were part of establishing the story driven music video

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
RiP Simone, This Chalmers Man's tough and beautiful cat ~


The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
RIP J.R. Richard

J.R. went from bein' one of the most dominant pitchers
in baseball, to losin' feelin' in his arm and havin' a stroke,
to not bein' able to play baseball anymore, to goin' broke
and gettin' divorced and endin' up homeless.

When he went ahead and hit rock bottom, J.R. decided
"I'm not going to do the same old things and act old way
cause God is right here, so — and I just simply changed
my thinking and didn't accept the negativity."

He turned himself back around and became a minister
and started workin' with the homeless.
The guy had every reason to quit, but kept on.

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It's all good
Some of you may remember John Munday, possibly from this site, possibly from other Smiths/Moz-related sites.

He died a couple of days ago with the Covid, leaving wife and kids behind.

Absolute shocker
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