Book of Condolence Thread


This is for commemotating people who recently passed away.

Very sad to hear the news that great French actor Philippe Noire's departure.
He left many great films and my favourites are

Zazie den le metro
La vie de chateau
Alexandre le bienheureux
Le Vieux fusil
Cinema Paradiso
Il Postino

Alexsandre le bienheureux is a little gem: when the protagonist's bossy wife was killed by car accident he regains freedom, stops working and stays in bed all day! His pet dog is doing his errands. I also love really beautiful soundtrack by Valdimr Cosma.

In Le Vieux Fusil, Noire plays a vengeful surgeon whose beautiful wife and daughter were murdered by Nazis. I saw the film on TV when I was 12, still cannot get over its devastating image.

I missed an opportunity to meet him in 2000 when he was attending fund raising gala at Institut Francais, but very grateful to see many excellent films he made in more than 40 years and many people will discover/watch them.

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Mike Dicken


i saw him perform live
when he was past 60
and he was awesome
i had not even come to see him perform
but i thought i heard his voice and said
"Is that James Brown?"
the other people i was with did not care
so i told em
"I'm gonna go check it out."
and slowly i made it to the front, where i could better see him do
'his thing'
which struck me more like a spiritual revival
than merely a performance
he bantered too
and did not seem to mind that most of the crowd did not know his tunes real well
then he played
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
and i realized
'woa, this aint my music, but its still awesome'
it was one of those
'hey, there really is something called 'objectivity' moments...'
I saw him two years ago, and man, was he alive or what! I was amazed because his ability to still set a stage on fire. I'm glad I still had the chance to see him..Happy Christmas :(
I really have to be honest and say i didn't enjoy his music personally, but I did see him live, and he was amazing. The music faded away, his style, his precence... amazing.
I love hte way George Best got pilloried on this board recently for being a wife-beater but cos James Brown no longer has a brand new bag such trivial things like that and going to gaol for it aren' even mentioned. A flawed genius? Well he was no Sly Stone,
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