Bona Drag signed LP bundle from Salford Lads Club pop up shop

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I have a spare signed Bona Drag LP bundle for sale. Includes the signed LP, a t-shirt that was ONLY available with the bundle, and an Action Is My Middle Name poster (boxing Mozzer). These were ONLY available at the Salford Lads Club pop up shop the weekend of Mozzer's homecoming gig in Manchester a couple weeks back. The signed LPs were limited to 300 only. I've since seen two bundles sell on eBay, both fetching OVER $300USD. I'm selling this lot for $300USD even. The shirt (size LARGE) is unworn, the LP unplayed, I did fold the poster once in the middle during my flight back home to the states, but it's in excellent shape otherwise. Buyer will pay for fully insured, trackable shipping. I accept Paypal.

Serious inquiries can PM me for photos.......
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I personally hate people like you.

We all know the bundle was sold as £70.
Americans should be disallowed from watching Morrissey in Europe and from buying bundles in Salford.
Huh? UK and Manchester are still in a part of Europe.

You don't know the difference between European Union (an economic / political unit) and Europe.
lol, seriously! Kewpie and Anonymous, you both need a hobby. I honestly give ZERO f***s about this. If I get no takers here, I'm happy to list this on eBay............where it WILL sell, probably for more money than I'm asking here. I'm sure you'd both whine, bitch and moan even if I were GIVING this away completely free of charge. *WHAT?!?!?! SHE EXPECTS MEEEEE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING?!?!?!?! HOW DARE SHE????? I'M THE ALMIGHTY KEWPIE, MODERATOR FOR MORRISSEY-SOLO! ALL THINGS MORRISSEY BOW BEFORE MY FEET!!!!* lol heeheehee
Also- thanks for your racist comment on Americans, Anonymous. All Americans aren't money hungry upsellers. Just me. *wink*
Excuse me?

I had a chance to go to SLC, however, I didn't go.

I understand TW made an effort to go there twice.
He decided to sell one of them more than the actual cost which makes me angry.

Yeah i had a feeling you didnt own one, your bitterness is palpable.

(fyi I never asked what it was bought for, I asked what it was worth in your opinion. I think a signed Morrissey LP is worth quite a lot, especially when we see so many fakes about. But if 70 pound is your ceiling, then good look with that!)
The bot is very bitter. She seethes with jealousy.

She professes to hate someone for selling something to make a profit. What a confused little girl.

You wish you had a stalker.
To be fair to Kewpie, she has moderated these pages for years and can remember like I can it was common practice for fans to help each other out, people offering to pick items up for those who couldn't "get there", at no charge other than cost I've done it for others, as others (including Kewpie she brought me a copy of a SHCD QID FRom Japan for cost) have done it for me, if you think about it maybe it's the way a fan site should ideally work.
I didn't go twice. I went once and bought two. I'd have bought 40 if I'd had the money. I'm a businessman. Buy low and sell high.

By the way.......this one is now SOLD.
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