Morrissey Central "BONA DRAG New issue" (June 26, 2021)


Parlophone/Warner have released the third issue of 'Bona Drag'. First released 31 years ago on the HMV label, 'Bona Drag' charted at UK number 9 and US number 59.
The re-issue in 2010 on the Major Minor label charted at number 62 UK. The new edition is in teal coloured vinyl.

This isn't a traditional re-issue per se.
There will be 750 copies for the 1921 Centenary Editions event at UK HMVs only.

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secured several copies of this masterpiece(y)
in 5 yrs it will be worth 10 times its purchase price
as opposed to the comet albums that you wont
be able to give awayo_O

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