"Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' single release March 2020, with Thelma Houston - TH FB

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By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2019 at 1:54 PM
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    [I don't recall seeing this detail anywhere else, apologies if it's already been covered!]
    Posted by Thelma Houston Official on Facebook:

    Yes the rumors are true that the wonderful song I recorded for Morrissey’s new CD called “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain” (to be released on @thenewbmg @bmguk ) is scheduled to be the first single release in March 2020! The song is called “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?” It was produced by the legendary Joe Chiccarelli @artfitpro . I am so excited and thankful about this upcoming song with Morrissey


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 29, 2019.

    1. Luji
      Ese anonimo anti- Moz es muy insensible por llamarlo de una manera muy sutil....para NO decirle otra cosa..y ademas muy redundante por lo cual voy a hacer una defensa redundante:Moz= persona resensible Y TALENTOSA,no te metas con su enfermedad ,el si estuvo enfermo,no necesita hacer semejante confesion para promocion alguna,su problema fue serio y debe controlarse frecuentemente y cuidarsee!!!, es cruel hablar asi de Moz ,merece repeto como cualquier ser humano, no tuviste acceso a su historia clinica,como medica te aseguro que sigue con endoscopias para control estricto de su patologia esofagogastrica ,asi que callate!! Con respecto a defensa de animales ,es un activista ,habla enfrenta aquien corresponde y hace donaciones ,pregunta vos que haces?? Pones platita de tu bolsillo?? Respecto a su sexualidad = es un tema de su vida privada y si es o no homosexual es un tema de el ,el es bisexual con una gran tendencia a la homosexualidad ,tal vez homosexual ,pero que importa ,es buen TIPO , respecto a la realeza no acepta la monarquia,lo de los impuestos no te consta ,como nada de lo que lo acusas te consta!! Deja de hablar con odio e ignorancia MORRISSEY ES IMPORTANTE Y ES FAMOSO EN TODO EL MUNDO Y VOS SOS UN PERFECTO DESCONOCIDO!!! VIVA EL GRAN MOZ!! Y MOZUCHISS SON UN GENIO !!!!!! CADA DIA CANTAS MEJOR ESTOS GILES NO TE LLEGAN NI A LA SUELA DE TUS ZAPATOS !!!
    2. Luji
      Ah y su maxilar inferior ,alq llamas barbilla ,es marca registrada de Morrissey es como su jopo!!! Unicos!! Y divinoss Moz= Talento inagotablee mi cantante favorito!!!!! Espero ansiosa su nuevo disco!!!
    3. Nerak
      I wish I understood Spanish because I suspect I agree.
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    4. Unkle Skynny
      Unkle Skynny
      I am saving half my monthly dole to purchase Moz tickets, so there troll.
    5. PuppetParrot
      Jealous, eh Skinny. LOL
    6. PuppetParrot
      Skinny your fake username mania seems to know no bounds.
    7. PuppetParrot
      Skinny you need to see the doctor for your motor mouth.
    8. PuppetParrot
      Perfect graph. You see Skinny and his many mini me little nazi
      fake aliases. ready to flood every single thread here.
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    9. Anonymous
      Nah. The top one is just an emoji graph of the few minions that dwell up Melvis’ asshole. It shows them squeezing in.

      The lower is from a photoshopped Trump rally in Rubesville, Georgia.

      All the same to me. ;)
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    10. Anonymous
      You posted it Cro-bitch. Least you can do is own your own shit.

      No bigger pussy than a troll who changes their name in an attempt to be relevant - knowing that NOBODY is buying the bullshit.

      Fucking Melvis fans, eh? Weak and thin as gruel. Carry on.
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    11. Anonymous
      Most people will believe they have cancer cause doctors have no idea what cancer really is. He had a Candida growth in his throat which with time may or may not turn into cancer.

      The cancer scare has made people believe they have cancer as soon as they are told there is something wrong.

      We have no cure for cancer which also means we don't know what cancer is.
    12. Anonymous
      Several replies not published by mods.

      Hey mod wake up what are you doing?

      Calling David!
    13. Anonymous
      Really, Reelfountain. That's just lame and wildly inaccurate like all of your posts. What story are selling? Is it that you're pretending to be someone else (on this occasion Nerak) because you've now got a job and you don't want your employer to link you to your Realfountain campaign of hatred?

      Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.
      If you had a modicum of communication skill you would have been better able to create a character that isn't a watered- down Realfountain. I guess it must be difficult to suppress all of that hatred with this new, I've-got-a-job-and-must-be-careful-not-to-out-myself-as-a-racist-sewer persona. The shine wears thin.
    14. Anonymous
      Morrissey claimed he had cancer. He used that word. It later transpired from Morrissey that what he had was
      Barrett's Esophagus, a symptom of GERD, which is not cancer.

      I do not claim that Barrett's Esophagus or generalused GERD can be easy things to live with. I know this is not the case as I was long ago diagnosed with one then the other. I do know neither is cancer.
    15. PuppetParrot

      Skinny lets zoom in the graph. What do we see?
      You inspecting the troops,Skinny:

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    16. Anonymous
      Claimed is correct as he thought he had cancer. Many people do and sometimes even the doctors do. Scraping is done to reveal if there is indeed any cancer or Candida growth.

      Funny they shortened it GERD after my mother. A male name in Germany but a female name in Sweden.
    17. Anonymous
      You do NOT know and should check things online cause you're obviously online.

      "Barrett's esophagus: About 5% to 10% of people with GERD develop this condition, where stomach acid causes precancerous changes in cells. The good news is that only 1% of people with Barrett's esophagus will get esophageal cancer."


      His heartburn is interesting and is the result of a lot of stress and he does travel far too much for his own good. He did use a lot of medicine against depression which causes all kinds of things including heartburn issues.

      I wonder if he ever chew bubble gum a lot cause that creates excessive amounts of stomach acid. He probably has very bad teeth from acid corrosion.

      He's been dumped a few times of course and that perhaps started it.
    18. Anonymous
      I believe Moz loving chocolate and red wine a bit too much was behind his stomach acid issue. Wine should not be allowed to be consumed by humans at all and is probably the worst killer of all. Contains mold as well along with several toxins.
    19. Anonymous
    20. Anonymous
      But use a condom!

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