"Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' single release March 2020, with Thelma Houston - TH FB

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By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2019 at 1:54 PM
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    [I don't recall seeing this detail anywhere else, apologies if it's already been covered!]
    Posted by Thelma Houston Official on Facebook:

    Yes the rumors are true that the wonderful song I recorded for Morrissey’s new CD called “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain” (to be released on @thenewbmg @bmguk ) is scheduled to be the first single release in March 2020! The song is called “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?” It was produced by the legendary Joe Chiccarelli @artfitpro . I am so excited and thankful about this upcoming song with Morrissey


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 29, 2019.

    1. Pippistrella
      Tropes aside, if you are an anti capitalist then many of the people you are up against will happen to be Jewish as they are over-represented in the banks and the media that backs the banks. That's a fact. These people view anti capitalism and anti semitism as one and the same thing and will use the Holocaust card against anyone who threatens their power. Socialists should never count moneyed power-mongers as their friends or believe the guilt tripping bullshit they feed to us through the press. Being a socialist you should know this. Marx was well aware of these people and their tricks - he wrote about them and lived in penury as a result.
    2. Nerak
      They're not any more over-represented than Scots & if society had a strong prejudice against us they'd be obsessing about that too.
    3. Pippistrella
      Life is imbalanced. There is not an equal ethnic representation in any industries anywhere I'm afraid. Especially not when it comes to who sits at the top of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and all the other financial institutions that keep the capitalist world turning. Pull your head out of the sand. The people trying to dig Corbyn's grave and disseminating the phony anti-semitism 'scandal' down through the media and into people's small heads are powerful capitalist Jews. They were there running things in Marx's time and they're still firmly in place now. By opening a national investment bank Corbyn would be operating outside of their hands. The public would actually benefit and would begin to question the other banks out there that work purely by usury. That is their real fear.

      The 'tropes' you talk of have at least some uncomfortable basis in reality - but only if you are realistic enough to admit it. It's not nice, and youthful idealism (you sound young and a little naive I'm afraid) can sometimes get in the way of such truths, enticing you to shrug them off as 'prejudicial' therefore untrue - but real life is ugly and unequal and all media, left and right, are ultimately working for the banks who own them.
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    4. Luji
      Morrissey tiene un anillo se caso o se comprometio! Parece plateado.de compromiso ja ja Moz no conto nada aun.....
    5. Nerak
      That's just not true. Banks are not dominated by Jewish people & if they were as sneaky as you believe (they're not) they'd simply infiltrate a national bank & make that work for them.
    6. Roger O
      Roger O
      Posts like this one are the moderators fav. You just know.
    7. Nerak
      The co-leader of the Greens spent yesterday being called an eco-fascist & a racist because he's against Halal slaughter.

      Thought I'd mention it, since it will make redeeming Moz slightly easier if the entire Green movement is back to being 'fascist' (it's an old allegation that had died out).
    8. Anonymous
      Erm, to which society do you refer? If it's the UK then all you have to do is watch tv (remember that?) to experience a stong and abiding anti-Scottish prejudice. Perhaps you could even read articles by our English Prime Minster who has, amongst other things, promoted the Scottish people as "vermin".

      From Wikipedia
      "He caused controversy in 2004 when his poem, Friendly Fire, was published in The Spectator (under then editor Boris Johnson). The poem, purporting to be satirical, was a racist attack on the Scottish people from the perspective of an Englishman advocating the cultural and physical genocide of the people of Scotland. It specifically recommended the 'extermination' of all Scots."

      For balance even the English feel the lash from his forked tongue ...

      " ... Liverpudlians. They see themselves whenever possible as victims, and resent their victim status; yet at the same time they wallow in it. Part of this flawed psychological state is that they cannot accept that they might have made any contribution to their misfortunes, but seek rather to blame someone else for it, thereby deepening their sense of shared tribal grievance against the rest of society."

      Was there an outcry when he allowed the so-called 'satirical' poem to appear in the Spectator? No. Because there is a deep seated prejudice against Scottish people in the UK and this awful poem advocating genocide of a people went unchallenged. Look at the Parliament channel when the SNP speak they are booed - often they are cut out of air-time altogether. No other party is treated in this manner. None.

      England wishing to leave the EU is reported consistently as "the will of the people" - with no facts to back that statement up. If you think a vote of 17.4 constitutes a will of the people you have a point. It reflects the number of people who voted - a minority if stacked against those who were eligible to vote. That's why the Brexiteers are shitting themselves about a second referendum. Now people know what lies ahead the Brexiteers and their fans are very much a minority.
      Scotland wishing to leave the UK is, for the most part, reported as a rabid attack on sovereignty by nationalist appartachicks. Yet the UK leaving the EU is embracing its sovereignty? The SNP is attacked on a daily basis for its stance on Scottish Independence - the very reason that the party exists. The media attempt all too readily to equate independence with right-wing extremism and terrorsim despite the fact they have a UK Government in place that happily supports both right-wing extremism and terrorism without shame.

      Scottish people have long been described as scroungers on the UK state, that they'd be nothing without the assistance of their colonial masters. Scottish people are obssesed about in UK media as "less-than" and I hope, in time, that Scotland removes itself from the canker of England (not English people - most of them are as ill-treated as Scots) so that England may truly see itself in the mirror that is the world stage. It is a small bit player with dwinlding returns. Under the Tory regime those returns grow even smaller.

      Scottish, Irish/Northern Irish, Welsh and English people should all be able to determine they're own futures. As it stands now England determines and everyone else pays the price.
    9. Anonymous
      I think your key talent is straw-grapsing. If you had any skills with communication - which hasn't been evident at all, so far - your preferred profession should be reviewed. Based on your recent gaffs you seem like a priority candidate for Morrissey's PR.

      I recall Jimmy's visits to Glaswegian gay estabishments. It was all but impossible to stop him chuntering on about Morrissey circa 1983. I think he even had a Morrissey tattoo on his foreskin - don't ask me how I know. OK, since you asked. I asked Jimmy if he thought Morrissey was a cock. He whipped out his tadger, showed me his Morrissey foreksin tattoo that simply stated "Morrissey's head". Jimmy has made good use of it - so I believe.
    10. Anonymous
      Hilarious that the thread discourse has turned to anti-semitism while blindly side-stepping Morrissey's race related comments. Corbyn is set up by some as the enemy for his comments. While Morrisey has roundly been described as misunderstood or a victim. Interesting. Perhaps racism is not what people say but who those people are?

      I'm guessing from the tone and opaqueness of Nerak's post that's she somewhere in her mid-twenties and was once known as Reelfountain prior to this new, and failed attempt, at entryism?
    11. Anonymous
      Now, back on topic o_O
      Thelma described Bobby Don't You Think They Know as having a Gimme Shelter vibe.
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    12. Nerak
      Yeah, being Scottish is one long oppression. I'm amazed any of us are still alive.

      I have no idea what happened in the 80s, I wasn't there.

      Strangely enough I do hold politicians to higher political standards than Indie singers.
    13. Nerak
      A rock/blues track? That might be interesting. I do think he's been in his 'what is a man, what has he got' phase for long enough.
    14. Anonymous
      Fucking Jimmy Crankie gets on my tits tbh...she's always on about Indy2, FFS
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    15. Anonymous
      Your sarcasm speaks to your breathtaking ignorance about Scottish history and the present situation in Scotland. Mr Johnson is welcome to you.
    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Wow! well, hope Thelma’s vibe feelers are accurate. Who’s playing Merry Clayton and who’s playing Mick? At least we know Jesse’s no Richards.


      Looking forward !

      Jan/ February release ? :pray:
    17. gordyboy9
      nerak as one of the few scots who have been coming here since 2004,im probably twice your age and seen the depletion of the shipyards in my own town which made some of the biggest ships in the world at the time,dont get the oppression your going on about,your not in trainspotting now.
    18. gordyboy9
      don't worry anon it will soon be back off topic.
    19. Linder S.
      Linder S.
      Where was it that she describe the song in those terms? Like was it a reply in the comments or a DM to a fan?
    20. Anonymous
      Sorry, non-Moz I know, but lovin' this from Stormzy. Own it biatch:

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