"Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' single release March 2020, with Thelma Houston - TH FB

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    [I don't recall seeing this detail anywhere else, apologies if it's already been covered!]
    Posted by Thelma Houston Official on Facebook:

    Yes the rumors are true that the wonderful song I recorded for Morrissey’s new CD called “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain” (to be released on @thenewbmg @bmguk ) is scheduled to be the first single release in March 2020! The song is called “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?” It was produced by the legendary Joe Chiccarelli @artfitpro . I am so excited and thankful about this upcoming song with Morrissey


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 29, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Polite or condescending?
    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      FWIW, Jimmy on Autobiography (The Guardian, July, '14):

      "Have you read Morrissey's autobiography?

      No, I haven't and I probably wouldn't because I'm not that interested."

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    3. Anonymous
      Night shift, FWD? Love the dedication.
    4. Nerak
      It didn't occur to me that anyone would think we were confined to Glasgow or that Glaswegians never returned enough to be seen in The Polo Lounge.
    5. Pippistrella
      To Anon 6e7cba1833 (full-time resident troll)

      Nobody is flawless. We all have our likes and dislikes in life. You rate yourself and those you run with a little too highly for reality. Nobody is a saint. Morrissey included. His only crime is being in love with an England and a quintessential sense of Englishness that is now passing. He is not alone in this feeling, and it proves he is human. Which I find is one of his attributes. His human honesty.

      Whereas you are a bog standard virtue signaller with an intolerant, authoritarian personality disorder. People like you are the reason why the word fascist is bandied about so often nowadays - and with good reason. You might think you are left wing but you are mistaken. You're thinking is petty and intolerant. In fact it is your line of thinking that is drawing people towards the right as you give the Corbynite socialist left (that I proudly belong to) a bad name.

      M has never pandered to the gay community or to anybody. The fact he is doing a duet with a proud coloured negress lady is quite beautiful considering he has erroneously been accused of prejudice by brattish intolerants in the Guardian paper (who come from your line of thinking). Julia Wong clearly has identity and self hate issues with her blend of Judaism/yellowness that makes her such an aesthetically ugly specimen to look at, so she vents her frustration by being racist towards proud caucasians like M.

      You carry a similar chip on your shoulder - are you a self hating gay perhaps? I've read that certain clinics can cure those with your affliction. You are definitely an authoritarian personality who vents your underlying issues through trolling, so you tell me...
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    6. Nerak
      I don't think anyone could deny he's whiny, but I prefer him being flawed & messy to some of the nasty people I've met who carefully hide their nastiness from the public.
    7. Nerak
      I can't say you're a convincing Corbynite, but I'd agree Morrissey has never pandered to anyone in his life.
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    8. Pippistrella
      I am a Corbynite in the sense that I agree with his old skool socialism. I'll admit that unlike Our Moz he indeed is a panderer to the factions of the left that he has no personal time for. For example when he was a Jack Russell vocalising from the backbenches he was proudly anti EU - now he prefers to give no opinion on the matter. He was more honest back then whereas now he has to pander to continue holding the position he has found himself in.
    9. Nerak
      From my pov that's a good thing, although every day still brings fresh hell.
    10. Pippistrella
      He will always get hell for two reasons. He wants to tax the rich and create Britain's own investment bank. Now, what group are in the top 5% wage earners, and what group run the world banks that Britain loans from? He plans to bypass these banks with his national investment bank idea. That is true socialism. Who will benefit from this idea and who will lose? That's a question I'll leave to you to answer. A clue is another question: what group is so terrified of him that they've (lied and) threatened to leave the country in their droves if he gets into power?
    11. Nerak
      The fresh hell is the amount of times I have to contact people to remind them what the definition of antisemitism is.
    12. Nerak
      His artistic legacy is indestructible & no one will care that he was difficult in the future. It's only here & now that it matters & I'd rather he didn't suffer in old age & didn't avoid the UK. It's not worth it. Showbiz is full of far worse divas.
    13. Pippistrella
      The antisemitism accusations against Corbyn are baloney. The people making them belong to the top 5% wage earners and are involved in the financial industry and hold power in the media. All these things will rightly suffer under Mr Corbyn which is why they pull the semitism card. But do the public care? I believe not. I believe the public are quite indifferent to these claims and see them as just another example of PC wokeness and its cliched false victim narrative. No Jew is this country is scared for their safety. But they are scared of losing their money in high taxes.
    14. Nerak
      Do you honestly think any group that had been subject to genocidal violence within living memory would read your post & not be terrified?
    15. Anonymous

      We have the last remaining holocaust believer present. Please amuse as a bit about your knowledge on it basedon hearsay and no work on your part.

      Believe that and you should believe anyone you meet. The car salesman and the mechanic and other people like that history tells us we can safely believe in.
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    16. Pippistrella
      No. I'd say most people are too intelligent for that. But bear in mind I am referring to only a section of this group - the moneyed and influential section. (Many Jews are behind him - indeed Momentum is headed by two Jews.) For example when Margaret Hodge said he reminded her of the Nazis did you actually believe her? She's a disgrace and a blatant play-acting liar. She's not a real leftist either, but an infiltrating Tory whose strategic presence in the Labour party is to 'temper' their leftism. She's not the only one either. Politics is a form of dark arts and this kind of thing goes on and always has.

      There are charlatans, exploiters and frauds in every group of people. Unfortunately the World Banks, the British media and many in powerful business positions in life belong to this group of frauds who will cite the Holocaust at every opportunity when they need to get their own way. It is why the press is full of articles about Labour's Antisemitism Scandal when nobody actually knows what constitutes the scandal. They are terrified of a true socialist taking the reins and cutting their profits with his national bank idea. Anyone who threatens their financial hegemony must be tarred, feathered and publicly dragged through the mud. In Corbyn's case it means a lifelong anti-racist being accused of racism which is outrageous.
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    17. Nerak
      And yet true socialists could easily avoid using antisemitic tropes & they don't. Modi is openly gunning for us & has he been able to find endless anti-India posts & speeches that prove we're racists? No. He hasn't.
    18. Nerak
      Do you have a problem with mechanics where you live?
    19. Anonymous
      Not now but it is one of those things people tend to not trust which is weird when they trust other things in life that is far more important.

      Studies show that most mechanics do not do a great job on peoples cars and maybe for a reason.
    20. Anonymous
      Weird how he always makes a great job after I put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. It clicked of course but fake executions like that change people somehow.

      "I have kids I have kids" oh how we laughed. One of those days he woke up not realising today would be a good day to wear diapers.
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