"Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrStatham, Jan 9, 2020.

By DrStatham on Jan 9, 2020 at 2:07 PM
  1. DrStatham

    DrStatham Active Member

    Aug 22, 2017
    Some people reporting 'Bobby Don't You Think They Know' is on YouTube now, which would be the first from the forthcoming album.
    I was sent this link:

    But it isn't working for me. Got 9 views though.
    E: Looks like the release date is 10/01/2020, as Anonymous suggested, which is why it is currently available in Australia.


    UPDATE Jan. 10:

    Link posted by Famous when dead:

    Morrissey drops duet with Motown star Thelma Houston - The List


    Morrissey recruited Grammy-winning Motown star Thelma Houston for the epic duet, who said: "One of the biggest joys for me in this business is getting the opportunity to collaborate with other top artists.

    "I love the challenge to see if what I do can work with what they're doing. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

    "I think the blend of what Morrissey is singing and what I'm singing really works on 'Bobby'.

    "And it was a lot of fun working with M in the studio too!"

    The 'Mute Witness' singer's long-time producer, Joe Chicarelli, has teased that the upcoming LP, which is released via BMG on March 20, is "the boldest and most adventurous" record ever recorded by Morrissey.

    He added: "I have now produced four studio albums for Morrissey.

    "This is his boldest and most adventurous album yet.

    "He has pushed the boundaries yet again – both musically and lyrically.

    "And once again proving that as a songwriter and singer, he is in his own category. In truth, no one can be Morrissey but ... Morrissey!"

    Media coverage:
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrStatham, Jan 9, 2020.

    1. unloveable
      Seems like a lot of people are not liking the length or the song. It doesn't bother me too much , but it's obvious t'was recorded under the same spell of California son and that's kinda meh.
      I only hope this is not the real album cover that would be extremely disappointing.
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    2. Anonymous
      it’s so frustrating, isn’t it. For me personally one of the reasons I’m so interested and concerned about the Artwork is because of what Morrissey himself did with the Smiths Artwork. Where has that gone.
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    3. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Thelma takes an important role in the song making it that more special.

      But can it really be called a duet ?

      More like call and response.

      noting or pertaining to a style of singing in which a melody sung by one singer is responded to or echoed by one or more singers.‘


      Guess it’s just easier to call it a duet. Understandable.
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    4. Anonymous
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    5. Mozmar
      In a gentle way, get a grip P&O you old scrote...move on...it's not the 80's/90's anymore.
      The world, & Moz, have moved on since V&I, & VH...Moz, at 60, continues to develop musically & deliver greatness while scrotes like yourself are stuck in your wheelchair in a time capsule.

      My first thoughts on the organ were Deep Purple, but yes, maybe The Doors.
      The sax was very cool back in the day, & still is, & very nicely done too.
      TH does a great job on vocals, as does the Mozmeister. :cool:

      I think this is an album version, not a single, it's too long as others have commented...the intro seems to be a Joe Chiccarelli trade mark, like one of the tracks on LIHS, or was it WPINOYB?
      For it to be a single, the intro would need to get cut, & some of the musical interludes reduced.
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Loving the length. :brows:

      Cover? better than CS.
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    7. Amy
      Well that was awful, tuneless crap, I hope the album is better.
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    8. Anonymous
      Agreed! Zero creativity went into it. Just look at it and compare it to the deluxe version of Low In High School.
    9. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      So true. I’m hoping that the record will be so awful to them that they will FINALLY move on and stop visiting the site dedicated to an artist that they dislike.

      I put Bobby on loop and it just gets better and better!

      VIVA MOZ !!!

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    10. Mozmar
      You do still have ears...don't you? Huh? Good golly.
      Special offers this week on aids at Boots Hearing Centres.
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    11. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      In a Morrissey context, anyone not mixed quietly in to the back ground and given equal volume in the mix is probably a duet :)
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    12. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      Well, in that case... ‘Interlude’ is also duet. no?

      I always think of duets as a conversation between two vocalists. Like some of the
      Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood songs.
    13. Anonymous
      Been thinking the same. Someone on here posted the single collection of Low In High School. The labels on those records were great. So why don't the covers reflect the same level of artwork? That is apart from the deluxe version of LIHS, which is one of Morrissey's best.
    14. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Don’t talk to her.
    15. Mozmar
      Why not?
      She won't be able to hear me anyway, judging by all accounts...:straightface:
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    16. ForgivemeJESUS
      can we see some photo shots for this new single.....maybe moz and Thelma together somehow, or like a Smiths cover of a famous Bobby, something
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    17. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      She’s a very nasty person.
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    18. Mozmar
      OK, nuff said. ;)
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    19. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Thankies! :blush:
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    20. Mozmar
      I'll use the old Viva-'cb' on her :D
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