"Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

Some people reporting 'Bobby Don't You Think They Know' is on YouTube now, which would be the first from the forthcoming album.
I was sent this link:

But it isn't working for me. Got 9 views though.
E: Looks like the release date is 10/01/2020, as Anonymous suggested, which is why it is currently available in Australia.


UPDATE Jan. 10:

Link posted by Famous when dead:

Morrissey drops duet with Motown star Thelma Houston - The List


Morrissey recruited Grammy-winning Motown star Thelma Houston for the epic duet, who said: "One of the biggest joys for me in this business is getting the opportunity to collaborate with other top artists.

"I love the challenge to see if what I do can work with what they're doing. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

"I think the blend of what Morrissey is singing and what I'm singing really works on 'Bobby'.

"And it was a lot of fun working with M in the studio too!"

The 'Mute Witness' singer's long-time producer, Joe Chicarelli, has teased that the upcoming LP, which is released via BMG on March 20, is "the boldest and most adventurous" record ever recorded by Morrissey.

He added: "I have now produced four studio albums for Morrissey.

"This is his boldest and most adventurous album yet.

"He has pushed the boundaries yet again – both musically and lyrically.

"And once again proving that as a songwriter and singer, he is in his own category. In truth, no one can be Morrissey but ... Morrissey!"

Media coverage:
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These are interesting reads, so thanks for putting up the links. What a difference 2 years makes, & what a stark contrast in theme; they could have been written by two completely different people.
I would like to think that the writer of both pieces, has, unlike some, recognised that there is no real value in continually harping on about, & regurgitating, things from the past, & to embrace the present.
If Morrissey has made mistakes, there's no need to rake them up; he knows exactly what they are.
He'll manage them in his own time, in his own way, without prompts from the click obsessed elements of the press, & the mentally disturbed, left-focused, personal grievance crusader side lines.
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