BNLX's "well-done Smiths homage/parody" song "Garbage Strike"

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I was reviewing BNLX's EP #5 when I ran across the press information stating that their song, "Garbage Strike (It's Rubbish)" is a "well-done Smiths homage/parody". So instantly, I put on the song, and, well, I wouldn't exactly call it good. You can make up your own mind, by listening to the free song at:

For those interested, BNLX is a band with Ed Ackerson (who used to be in a 90s band called Polara) and his wife, Ashley Ackerson (who used to be in The Mood Swings). BNLX is a very interesting project because the band's focus isn't making full albums, but concentrating on handmade EPs and selling them for $2.91 (possibly for just the materials). I don't know if it's working, but their shows are always packed. I'll be there to see them this Friday, with a Morrissey shirt on in silent protest.​
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I thought it was incredibly well done, funny, and an all around catchy song.
Also, as far as Moz impressions go, this was one of the better ones I've heard.:thumb:


I personally like the song. The music doesn't sound much like The Smiths, but the vocal style/melody are very reminiscent of Morrissey. The song is catchy, too. I think the song is just parodying The Smiths' tendency to write about "mundane" topics.


I was just listening to the BNLX song, and wondered: "IS THAT a Smiths or Moz song!?"

(And Google led me to this very page.)

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