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BMG Records have dropped Morrissey. Following the March 2020 release of I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN
(#1 Scotland, #1 Poland, #3 Britain, #3 France, #10 Spain, #13 Germany, #2, #9, #17, #18 U.S.A. - depending
on which official chart you follow), BMG have appointed a new Executive who does not want another Morrissey
album. Instead, the new BMG Executive has announced new plans for 'diversity' within BMG's artist roster, and
all projected BMG Morrissey releases/reissues have been scrapped.

"This news is perfectly in keeping with the relentless galvanic horror of 2020," said Morrissey, "we would be critically insane to expect anything positive."

Morrissey is once again in search of a new label willing to release his music.

"My three albums with BMG have been the best of my career, and I stand by them till death. Recording them has been a pivotal period in my life, and I thank the previous BMG team and everyone involved for that. It's still important to me to do music my own way, and I wouldn't want to be on a label that dictates so specifically how their artists should behave - especially when the word 'talent' is notably never mentioned."

Morrissey's duet with David Bowie is now available on Parlophone via Warner.

"There are too many cases of successful artists languishing at labels who are no longer interested in them." Alistair Norbury, BMG.

Morrissey's Las Vegas residency remains in place for 2021.

above quotes collected by V.Pearson for M.Central.
full interview will be printed shortly.

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Does BMG perhaps own RCA, Island and Sanctuary?
It owns Sanctuary, but not Morrissey's recordings for them. Like many Sanctuary artists, Moz had a reversion clause, so that when Sanctuary was sold, he got the rights to the stuff he recorded for them. It's possible, though, that BMG have licenced that part of his back catalogue from him.


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I wonder how likely any "representation" of Morrissey's back catalogue is if the Central post says "all projected BMG Morrissey releases/reissues have been scrapped."

Oh, the drama.
Might be Moz just having a bit of a hissy fit. Can't blame him though; they've made a bit if a hash of things I reckon esp. with the It's Over debacle as one example. Wbat was the other one when he went on Central saying one of the singles was "out there somewhere"? And how much promotion of Dog did they carry out? Seemed negligible to me.
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Does it include 'Striptease With A Difference' and other unreleased tracks
I've only flipped through it but I did see an entry for Striptease With A Difference.
In the disclaimer the author says that he mostly focused on officially released non-album tracks but included some unreleased tracks that are widely available.


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Might be Moz just having a bit of a hissy fit. Can't blame him though; they've made a bit if a hash of things I reckon esp. with the It's Over debacle as one example. Wbat was the other one when he went on Central saying one of the singles was "out there somewhere"?
I don't think anything that was posted on Central regarding the California Son vinyl singles should be taken too seriously.
They obviously made announcements before a proper release schedule was set.
The worst was probably the Lady Wilpower 7" that never happened. Wedding Bell Blues and It's Over were the only CS singles that saw a physical release.

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It was a three album deal. The terms of the relationship were very clearly laid out when Morrissey signed his name on the dotted line. Shoe-horning some racist moaning into his woe-is-me act is completely irrelevant.
Yes, but as with footballers’ contracts, the termination details are only meaningful when things aren’t going as someone wants.
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BMG obviously hedging their bets with that statement about Morrissey's back catalogue -just in case the UK (or more specifically England) goes full batshit fascist post-Brexit


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this really isn't news, since it was foretold in a Central blurb last year prior to Dog on a Chain that it would be the final release for BMG.


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The entertainment industry such as theatre, cinema and music, has very little space for the over 50. I would say music is the worse, as they boycott any older artists that are not attractive enough to the young musically and that it doesn't follow certain formulated standards dictated by most record companies. I found repulsive that many of us are forced by the industry to stop following the careers of those that we like, simply because they have grown old. Getting older doesn't mean artists have to be pushed to the corner, they can still create and have lots to offer. There is far too much prejudice against old artists and that attitude must change in the industry and also some fans. While someone can still be creative, who cares about age!

I hope he finds a record label that can give him enough freedom to continue while he wants to and can.

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Quarry was almost 20 years ago. Most albums by artists with sizable fanbases will bubble up in the charts at the time of their release. What makes an album a hit is a sustained presence on the charts with the sales to back it up. Most Morrissey records plummet into the abyss a week after they come out.
They always have though, Morrissey has never really had a 'long' chart presence. And most long standing bands/singers have a short chart life now. Even U2 don't have hit singles/long running albums anymore.

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