Blossoms cover "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"


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I love to see the youngsters keeping the spirit alive. I like watching people (mainly young men) playing Smiths and Morrissey songs in their bedroom on YouTube too. It reminds me of where I first discovered The Smiths. (In my bedroom) It takes me back. There's something terribly intimate about it all. Some are rubbish and others are brilliant. Some of the bedrooms look as though they need a good dust and hoover, but that adds to the thrill, knowing that playing Smiths and Morrissey music is more important to them than the state of their bedroom.


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Loving seeing this. Like another poster said this reminds me of myself trying to emulate a song from the Smith cannon. He does it with such respect. You can feel it in the playing and singing! Good on you mate. I bought one Blossoms song "Charlemagne" a while back but I will further investigate them now.



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Dale, you sing like a God. Now, have you decided if you would like to come to mine on holiday? The window is closing. I’ve sold my gaff, and EVERYTHING I own. I kept my books, sounds insane but I’m wondering if I can purchase 3 burial plots, me in the middle and coffins of my books either side. They are all I have. Nobody I know will love them like I do. X

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Should have started it with a flush. And then stopped.

it’s not bad as far as covers go, but if you’re gonna cover a song (and you don’t have a voice like Morrissey) then do something new with it at least.
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