Birmingham - O2 Academy (Oct. 5, 2022) post-show

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How Soon Is Now? / We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Knockabout World / First Of The Gang To Die / Frankly, Mr. Shankly / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / Rebels Without Applause / The Loop / I Am Veronica / Little Man, What Now? / Save Me ( brief Joan Armatrading a cappella) / My Hurling Days Are Done / Half A Person / Bonfire Of Teenagers / (Auld Lang Syne intro) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Never Had No One Ever / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper // Irish Blood, English Heart

Setlist (as it happened) courtesy of @NealCassidy

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Probably should have included that one.


After following morrissey and the smiths for years, I finally bit the bullet and went. I’m 27 so I missed the hay day but my god, his stage presence in 2022 is insane.

One of the best gigs of my life, so much so that I hung around the bus for 40 minutes to see him leave the venue. A true pilgrimage lol 😆

An aside- I didn’t think that the Birmingham crowd were as incredible as Alain says. I thought everyone was quite subdued and I wanted everyone to go nuts lol - incredible gig nonetheless.

I simply have to go and see him again next time - please come To the uk again!
Probably should have included that one.

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What a picture this is !!!!! See the disgust on Jesse the thug’s boat race.

You stand your ground Diesel. Jesse is just cheap meat and means nothing to Salford Stephanie.

Best caption to this pic shall win a 4star-Gold Christmas mega meat hamper (or a bag of frozen peas if a plant person thingy)

Benny 🇬🇧 :knife:
This says it's Our Frank, but it's really We Hate it When. Perhaps the uploader, Baby J, will edit the title to correct it.
Who's the stupid guy who gives me a thumbs down every time I write? Who is he can give his name? It's cowardly to do this haha !!!! What is what bothers them about me?
It bothers him that he's a fan of Lawrence. Felt? If I love him!!!!!
An aside- I didn’t think that the Birmingham crowd were as incredible as Alain says. I thought everyone was quite subdued and I wanted everyone to go nuts lol - incredible gig nonetheless.
It was fairly passionate down the front, however - as a long term gig goer I'm not sure the crazy pits of 15-20 years ago are ever going to return. A large chunk of the fanbase have aged along with Morrissey, and there's only so crazy a bunch of overweight, wheezy, middle aged men can go. ;)
Obviously he does not want any physical contact as he cannot have people breathing on him and get sick during this tour. Many bands have this protocol. If it fails, you have to cancel shows like Ringo Starr, Justin Bieber or Echo and the Bunnymen.
I don't think that's true, because he shakes people's hands on stage etc. And in Killarney he stopped outside the bus, shook some hands and aknowledged the people waiting there. So it seems odd that he didn't do that at all in Manchester. I mean he could've waved or something. But maybe he had a bad day or there were too many people, who knows. Odd for the mancunian fans though.
‘who knows’, correct. But if Morrissey did just wave, then there would still be those complaining that he didn’t stop, sign their ass, and do a funny dance for them, etc.
True...I just don't think that there is a plan behind it that's all. Sometimes he does it sometimes he doesn't. But I can understand people being sad when they waited and it was not one of those days. It just shouldn't be expected.
Alain's IG readable post with context:

What's that lady there in the wheelchair doing?
I guess she didn't move to Morrissey fast enough to get what she was after. I don't know why she was allowed to get so close to him. I guess security decided she posed no threat, and maybe could even help guard him.
It’s a song called Save Me by Joan Armatrading. Joan has just thanked Morrissey on Twitter.

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