Billy Idol @ Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 8/26/08


:guitar: If anyone gets a chance to see Billy Idol this summer you will not be disappointed. The show last night was outstanding. He has a new best of album out Idolize Yourself with some new material that is quite good. Here's the set-list from last night....the order will be screwed up a bit but as accurate as I can recall....

1. Cradle of Love
2. Dancing With Myself
3. Flesh for Fantasy
4. John Wayne (new song....very good)
5. White Wedding
6. World Comin' Down
7. To Be a Lover
8. Sweet Sixteen
9. LA Woman
10. Eyes Without a Face
11. New Future Weapon
12. Speed
13. Ready Steady Go
14. Hot in the City
15. Rebel Yell
16. Blue Highway
17. Mony Mony

Great show.....Steve Stevens is still the man!! Check the guys out if they come by!
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