Billy Corgan mentions being a fan of The Smiths and meeting Johnny Marr

I've hesitated in the past to post these videos but I find it interesting when I band I love mentions another band I love and it doesn't happen as often we think or hope, does it? If you can't put up with Corgan whinging about how he hasn't been recognised enough for his contribution to music then skip to 4:40 to hear in context where he mentions Marr and The Smiths.

Love Billy. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it.
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To call Billy Corgan a whining twat on a Morrissey board is incredibly hilarious to me.

I think SP were fantastic -- and to even lump them in with flannel-clad grunge is nonsense (have you ever seen him wear a flannel shirt?). Their music was far more imaginative than Pearl Jam's or Alice and Chains, and I'm not sure why those bands are so holy and SP so hated. Pearl Jam is flat out boring to me and the Foo Fighters seriously haven't been interesting in at least 15 years, making the same album again and again. Who are we kidding?
And seriously, maybe he was playing the game, but Gish and Siamese Dream were far too personal and too good (the latter widely considered one of the best of the 90s) to be merely cheap shots for indie cred, which they never had anyway. (Fuck indie cred anyway.)

And since when do we give a shit who slags which other bands? Need I remind anyone this is a Moz page? Can you tell me how often he says nice and pleasant things about his contemporaries? He doesn't ever say bad things about other artists, does he? I don't think Billy even did much more than give his honest opinion... he still gave those bands some credit. Hardly bashing, anymore than if you said "I don't like that band." But no one seems to hear that part. Funny.

Matt Walker also toured with the Pumpkins for years and recorded on some of their albums. He was originally in Filter, from Chicago... so yeah, they're friends.
totally agree about pearl jam and the foo's but the appeal of alice and chains was then lyrics. yeah weve come to snuff the rooster is a great line and man in a hole is just harrowing. grunge was divided into two camps. the art/punk bands that brought it to tyou and the metal/classic rock bands that appropriated it. pearl jam alice in chains sound garden on one side with nirvana mudhoney tad and all the k records bands on the other. same happened with brit pop
5:20 in.....and he's a douche......sorry. He was on Stern recently bad mouthing Pearl Jam amongst other bands......Smashing Pumpkins were good but when people look's gonna be Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc.......Sorry Billy.

Please. The poser kids in this lame generation don't even know who Alice in Chains are or Soundgarden. Billy is a talented musician and has two decades in the game. Of course, time has changed the music industry, so he's trying to grasp what the hell is going on with music. But he has successful albums; his music still receives airplay. All the grudge bands were just simple, loud, distortion that speaks to a simple minded teenager, like yourself.
All those grunge bands were short, fast simple, distortion. SP was progressive and experimented with all kinds of concepts . Nirvana spoke to the simple minded teenager. Kurt Cobain is overrated.

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