Billy Corgan mentions being a fan of The Smiths and meeting Johnny Marr

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By marred on Dec 23, 2014 at 7:20 PM
  1. marred

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    May 8, 2006
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    I've hesitated in the past to post these videos but I find it interesting when I band I love mentions another band I love and it doesn't happen as often we think or hope, does it? If you can't put up with Corgan whinging about how he hasn't been recognised enough for his contribution to music then skip to 4:40 to hear in context where he mentions Marr and The Smiths.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2015 (read-only)' started by marred, Dec 23, 2014.

    1. realitybites
      Love Billy. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it.
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    2. kissmyshadestoo
      5:20 in.....and he's a douche......sorry. He was on Stern recently bad mouthing Pearl Jam amongst other bands......Smashing Pumpkins were good but when people look's gonna be Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc.......Sorry Billy.
    3. realitybites
      That is too bad about him badmouthing Pearl Jam. But I disagree that he (they, SP) will not stand the test of time.
    4. kissmyshadestoo
    5. Old Mathew
      Old Mathew
      Well, sorry, but it was well known around 1992 that Smashing Pumpkins were just a corporate attempt to cash in on the burgeoning American indie/flannel scene. They had no credibility then, and if Billy Corgan wants to cry about his lack of respect now -- well, you made the wrong decision then, dude! At a time when indie cred reigned supreme, he went straight for the corporate teat. Yes, a quarter of a century on, no one is going to sing your praises as some stand up independent artist.

      I actually like their music, but let's not pretend they were anything more than a corporate cookie cutter clone. It's like the dude from Trash Can Sinatras complaining that he's not as well respected as PD Heaton or Morrissey. Well, you were good, but you weren't original. Still like that 1976 song, though.
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    6. realitybites
      Looks like Billy has taken a tip from the Mozzer...

      At their show at Chicago’s Thalia Hall on Wednesday night, the Smashing Pumpkins debuted a new band lineup, played a bunch of songs live for the first time (including a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame”), and started selling merchandise that addresses Billy Corgan’s recent beef with Anderson Cooper.

    7. marred
      Are you really going to base your music taste around who disses who? I really don't care if all my bands get on with each other but it's nice when they do. If they don't then it matters not one wit.

      When people look back? Who are these so called people?
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    8. evennow
      Please exit my you just named my favorite grunge bands of all-time. :D IMHO...Chris Cornell has the greatest rock voice ever! Can we throw a Stone Temple Pilots in there perhaps??
    9. evennow
      That's funny...just last night driving home I heard a rebroadcast of a 2014 Anderson Cooper interview on the Howard Stern Sirius radio channel, and SP were not brought up while I was listening. I have always liked AC and find him to be an engaging and interesting newscaster. He will be doing the New Year's ball drop coverage with Kathy Griffin again on CNN (I believe) and their chemistry is great together. He seems very good natured. Do you know what the "beef" is about?
    10. realitybites
      I like Anderson as well. The beef started here.
    11. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Pearl Jam make me want to cry from boredom. All of those bands are pretenders to the Pixies, they obviously liked the quiet loud thing but took all the interesting and weird stuff out. Nirvana weren't without their charms but the others...
    12. CrystalGeezer
      I saw him the other night and got the feeling he was quite patronizing towards the audience. He's a great musician though. I think the Pumpkins will be more remembered than Alice in Chains. :squiffy:
    13. Anonymous
      nirvana did sound like the pixies but they also sounded a lot like the wipers, the replacements, and mudhoney all of whom did the quiet loud thing very early
    14. whitechapelhighstreet
      Billy is a spoilt middle class brat. He went bald early and therefore hates life. Smashing Pumpkins, one of those 'a couple of good songs' bands that shit alt radio gives a career too. And let us not forget his sub Bauhaus meets The Killers effort, The Future Embrace. ZERO Billy, you wore it well.
    15. Peanut
      I think a lot of people would disagree with that. If you mean that Mellon Collie was more mainstream than their earlier stuff, sure, but big deal. Every artist has musical and lyrical influences. I definitely wouldn't consider them any less original than Pearl Jam, Soundgarden etc. Agreed that Billy is a whinger though.
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    16. liquidmuse3
      Pumpins were psychedelic prog their 1st 2 records, w. the 2nd record shortening a couple songs (which radio grabbed onto). At the height of their fame, dude releases a sprawling double record, then dovetails into straight electronics when Middle America expected rawk. To call SP corporate sellouts is to misunderstand rock history.

    17. whitechapelhighstreet
      Well said Sir. Could not agree more. The Pumpkins are indie rock as designed by Orv Madden and Urban Outfitters.
    18. realitybites
      FBE. :rolleyes:

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    19. kissmyshadestoo
      Not at all Marred. I think SP have some good's just that his attitude rubbed me the wrong way. If many people come out of the woodwork and said "man, the Smashing Pumpkins were great.....a cutting edge band" and people list them as massively inspirational (i.e., Ramones/Pistols/Smiths, etc), I could then see Billy saying that stuff. But to say it about himself, I find it comical.
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