Billy Bragg: There's no way back for Morrissey

An agency story has appeared on a couple of websites reporting Billy Bragg's apparent further comments on Morrissey's "endorsement of right-wing politics."

Billy Bragg wishes "there was a way back" for Morrissey after his endorsement of far-right politics
Billy Bragg wishes "there was a way back" for Morrissey.

The 62-year-old musician has publicly criticised the 60-year-old singer for his endorsement of far-right politics and he believes the former Smiths frontman has "burned too many bridges" for redemption.
Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Billy said: "I wish there was a way back for him. As a Smith's fan and as an anti-racist activist, I wish.
"I worry that he may have burned too many bridges, though."
Billy responded to Morrissey's comments in 2019, whereby he claimed "everyone ultimately prefers their own race" when addressing the allegations of racism he has been faced with.
The 'Full English Brexit'' singer hit back after hearing the comments as he was "heartbroken" for Smiths fans.
He said at the time: "I think he's decided that he wants to betray everything he ever said in the Smiths, and he's broken the hearts of a lot of people..."
And, although it hasn't stopped Billy from listening to the Smiths' music, he won't be tuning into Morrissey's solo catalogue anytime soon.
He added: "I'll listen to The Smiths, but I was never into [his solo stuff] anyway."


Is he going to do this every six months forever?
It would be very different if Morrissey was out there actively campaigning for anything but he's not. I feel like Morrissey might have taken the hint and focused on making a great record. Maybe that should be encouraged.
And if Billy Bragg never liked Morrissey's music after The Smiths maybe he should just drop it anyway. The Smiths were great but that was a long time ago. I listen to Morrissey's solo records a lot more than I listen to The Smiths.
The bulk of the quoted material is from the Big Issue, June 2019.
They bolted that on to this brief interview:

Morrissey quote as per article at 1:30->
Billy Bragg admits here that he doesn't listen to Morrissey's solo music he said that he was never into that sort of music/thing or something along those lines. If Billy Bragg doesn't listen to Morrissey's solo music then how does he know what it is all about and what Morrissey is trying to convey through his music?

Billy Bragg says that he has never been a fan of Morrissey as a solo artist so it was the same back in the 1980s/1990s. Billy Bragg doesn't want to be friends with Morrissey it is just really sad. Morrissey has done nothing to hurt Billy Bragg on a personal level.

Billy Bragg uses swear words in this interview and that isn't necessary. I don't like profanity/bad language.

One of the things I like about Morrissey is that he tries to protect young vulnerable women and girls. I mean ordinary girls from very poor and deprived backgrounds.

Morrissey does everything he can to protect animals.

Morrissey is the voice of the voiceless and Morrissey is actually a much bigger star and is more successful than Billy Bragg.
Is that muppet Billy bad shag still alive?

You know the drill when he dies, bouncy castles and ice cream on me.
There's never been a way forward for Bragg. This is like being told by a kid that you know nothing about life. These socialist traitors will all swing dead and rotten from lamp posts very very soon and their names are already on the lamp posts.
Bragg would only give a ISIS member a second chance or a London gang member who used acid on peoples faces. As if flaming socialists ever set the agenda or had any kind of power over judging others professionally.
They should get a job first cause guess what Billy Bragg hasn't worked a day in his life. On top of that he has made the worst music ever known to man whereas someone like Bongo from U2 at least made some catchy political tunes.
When mediocrity criticise a legend in this way you can only laugh at it all. Billy Bragg would give his life and his mother and more for just one song from Moz's catalogue.
Who gives a shart what his political views are. I want to listen to his music period, the end!!! Who he endorses or what he chooses to do behind closed doors is HIS RIGHT!!!!! All of the political B.S. is just that, B.S...............Go back to sleep Billy Bum!!!
Let's wait to see when the next full UK tour is announced. If there is a next UK tour it'll be in significantly smaller venues and ticket sales will tell us all what we've been speculating about for months.

I think there's a way back - apologising - but that's never going to happen.

For the fuckwit Nerak ....

Billy Bragg

"While I support the Chief Rabbi in his determination to confront anti-semitism expressed by members of the Labour Party and recognise his right as their spiritual leader to warn his flock of the dangers that he perceives from that quarter, I fear that he may have overstepped the mark when calling upon “every person to vote with their conscience” in an article arguing that Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be Prime Minister."
Anyone know why Billy has an obsession with a man whose solo work he never listens to? Because I found him whining about Morrissey way back in 2007 over Moz suing the NME (again). What's it to him????

The great thing about Morrissey is that he will burn a bridge while standing on it AND still somehow manages to survive.

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