Billy Bragg posts 1985 photo with Morrissey

Fig writes:

Thought you might be interested in this picture and its description from Billy Bragg's facebook page.

"I'm quoted in this month's Mojo as saying that, while on tour with the Smiths in Canada in 1985, me and Morrissey went on one of the rides at Kingswood in Toronto wearing Hawaiian shirts and summer shorts. Doubt has been cast on my memory of this event in some quarters and so I have once again plugged in my trusty neg scanner and here we are in 'Canada's Wonderland'. Looks like I was only half right though, as I appear to be wearing a Fats Domino t-shirt and cheap jeans."​


News also posted in the forums by virtually dead.
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Lovely kneecap : ))) I adore him but that is a veeeery ugly shirt.
Oh my, what the hell happened to Fats Domino's head? He looks like the manager of Bell Biv Devoe.

Very nice. This photo couldn't be more complete if Morrissey was in his infamous socks with sandals combo.
i sooooo badly wanted to be at this show. we were already IN Toronto on vacation.
Love that photo.Morrissey looks cute in shorts!
I was at this gig, happy to see both acts in their pomp. My most memorable moment was when Moz came out on stage and many fans surged forward, trying to reach the stage (a few clutching flowers!). I recall that Kingswood had heavy handed security; dancing wasn't permitted in the aisles. Security wanted you to remain rooted to the space at your seat. Rubbish, really.
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