Billy Bragg on free speech, Morrissey, and the resurgence of the Far Right - GQ Magazine

New GQ Article by Billy Bragg:

Excerpt: "So, call it what it is, says Bragg. Morrissey is now a man who knowingly shares white supremacist material on his platforms and, when challenged, doubles down. And while he is free to do so, that doesn’t mean he’s a victim when there’s a backlash. “Liberty without accountability is impunity, which is the most dangerous kind of freedom. Freedom isn't a universal good. There are kinds of freedom that are really, really dangerous.”
There's a difference between brutal violence on the streets and punishment for that violence. The liberal-left habit of bringing up the 'crimes of the Empire' is not valid. Different age, different times. You could also state the fact that there are more slaves in Africa now than were shipped over by the traders on Jewish ships, but that's another story. Bringing up the past is just a tactic to silence arguments that involve the present.

Yes, all humans have a capacity for violence, but some societies generally civilized and others more primitive. And races have different traits, just like different breeds of dog - traits that yes, can be bred out or left to continue. A pit bull is generally more violent than a dachshund.

Perhaps in your country vicious thugs are suitably punished, but in mine the punishment is laughable. Recently a gun wielding drug dealer in London was using it to smash up a car in some inter-gang dispute. It went off, the bullet ricocheted and killed him stone dead in the middle of the road. I found that quite funny. Sometimes violence works.

Oh, and my country did not enrich itself. The 'Empire' was actually a private enterprise whereby rich people enriched themselves. Read up on it. The working class in Britain gained nothing - they lived in slums and worked like slaves all throughout those years until after the 2nd World War when the Empire was dead and the welfare state began and decent housing was provided etc.
'Poetic justice' is what this is called.
I'm from outer London but modern black music means nothing to me.
I'll go further than that - most of it offends me.

The lyrics are usually arrogant, violent, misogynistic and only ever concern the base instincts. Where's the black Morrissey, the black Ian Curtis?

But don't dare say any of this if you don't want to be called a racist.
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I hope the cops were called. Jap police don't tolerate anything like that. If he's arrested, he's in for a world of pain.
Japan is an ordered and relatively crime free country. The Japanese are generally shy, sensitive and polite people with a very high IQ.

The lone brute in the video represents what the globalists would love to inject into Japanese society en masse.
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This is Katherine Jenkins version of Stormzy's song "Blinded By Your Grace". There is no swearing in the song and it describes perfectly what it is like when you first become a born-again Christian. It shows people that Stormzy's song can be beautiful and their is more depth to them than people think:

I don't like swearing/profanity at all. I don't like it when Billy Bragg swears in his video above or when anyone swears. I don't like it when Morgoth swears in his videos or when anyone swears. From what I understand Morgoth isn't a Christian. I'm a born-again, bible-believing Christian. Christianity is open to everyone no matter what background they are from or what race they might be or what their political views might be! My love for Israel also goes along with my faith.

Stormzy's debut album is called "Gang Signs & Prayer". From what I understand the "Prayer" bit is to do with his faith. I'm a Londoner so I also relate to Stormzy on that level too. Grime music is homegrown right here in London. I think some people are confusing "Drill" music which first started in the South Side of Chicago in America in the early 2010s before it came over here and Gangster/Gangsta rap which first started around the mid-1980s/1990s in America with "Grime" music which first started here in London in the early 2000s.

Grime is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in London in the early 2000s. It developed out of earlier UK electronic music styles, including UK garage and jungle, and draws influence from dancehall, ragga, and hip hop. The style is typified by rapid, syncopated breakbeats, generally around 140 bpm, and often features an aggressive or jagged electronic sound. Rapping is a significant element of the style, and lyrics often revolve around gritty depictions of urban life. For more info:

I'm not big into Grime music, but I find it interesting that quite a few Grime artists and some rappers are Christians.

From what I understand Stormzy only has one album out called "Gang Signs & Prayer". I don't know what his music will be like say in 10 years time. All I hope and pray that his faith in Jesus grows stronger.

Morrissey has a much larger body of work. I much prefer Morrissey's solo music to his Smiths days. For me The Smiths' music has been tainted because of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. I wish that Billy Bragg would listen to Morrissey's solo music!

Morrissey has now come out as also being a Christian and I respect him for that. I also respect Morrissey for standing up for Israel. Morrissey is a very brave man I love him.

This is taken from a 2017 article by "Premier Christianity" which I think is connected to "Premier Christian Radio" here in the UK: "On the album 'Gang Signs & Prayer', Stormzy's faith is most openly displayed on two songs, "Blinded by Your Grace", part 1 and 2. For anyone who has been to a black majority church, the chords for "Blinded by Your Grace Pt.1" will be extremely familiar. It’s the type of thing you’d expect to hear at a Sunday morning service and features a stripped down musical arrangement. "Blinded by Your Grace Pt. 2" is a bit more upbeat and has an uplifting feel-good sound."

"But these two songs stand in contrast to most of the other songs on the album/project. Again, in similar fashion to Chance the Rapper, there is a lot of bad language, which many Christians take a dim view of! At the same time, the most explicitly Christian songs on the record do not contain any swear words. So if they manage to get airplay, some will say that this will only help to bring the Christian faith into the mainstream."

"The amount of transparency that artists are showing in their music is refreshing. When it comes to artists exploring Christian themes, we often now talk about ‘journeys’, ultimately knowing that change does not come overnight. The Christian life is a process - one which is started by the gospel becoming central to all aspects of your life. For that reason, change is one of the most important components. It’s impossible to meet with Jesus and stay the same."

To read the rest of the article see link:
Wow, I like this. Yes, baby steps are the first steps. It is only later when we begin to realize the "Footprints" (Margaret Fishback Powers). I don't care for profanity myself. I like Katherine Jenkins. She had a bout with cocaine as I understand it but she overcame. Sings a great "Hallelujah." It would be great to hear her version of Amy Grant's "El Shaddai" (piano version) even if Grant's version does stand alone. Hello, Helen Shapiro fan. Yes, it is me. I am passing through. These threads/boards are getting pretty crazy. I will be over at 'Elvis Slates Morrissey.' I will post you two interesting links there that you will find interesting if you wish to view them. Good to hear you again.
I'm from outer London but modern black music means nothing to me.
I'm a Bible-believing, born-again Christian and I take my faith seriously. Are you also a Christian? I guess what you mean is that you prefer the traditional old hymns of the faith rather than Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and the modern worship songs. I love the old hymns as well and I love traditional choral music. I also like gospel music and the old spirituals. I think that it is very hard to be a true born-again Christian and to work in the music industry!

Katherine Jenkins is a pretty blonde white lady from Wales. I really like her voice it is very pure she is a mezzo-soprano. I think that you would like Katherine Jenkins her music is very clean there is absolutely no swearing and she is classically trained. Like you I don't like swearing/profanity at all. I think that in this day and age there is far too much bad language. I did notice though that you do sometimes use swear words yourself which surprised me.

I still like the television programme "Songs of Praise" on BBC1 even though it has definitely been modernised over the years. Katherine Jenkins appears on "Songs of Praise" quite a lot.

Stormzy (his real name is Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr.) is a mainstream secular artist and he isn't marketed as an exclusively Christian artist. The only truly Christian songs on the album "Gang Signs & Prayer" are the two songs "Blinded by Your Grace", part 1 and 2 (they are two songs which go together). I think it is good that famous secular artists like Stormzy and Morrissey can come out as being Christians and openly talk about their faith. That might help younger people to become Christians!

There is a song called "Crown" which touches on Stormzy's faith it is the second single from his forthcoming second studio album, but there are some swear words in that song though.

Stormzy also reveals a softer more vulnerable side on his first album "Gang Signs & Prayer" there are tracks about his battle with depression, his difficult relationship with estranged father and one song that begins with his mother praying over him!

Stormzy also raps on Ed Sheeran’s song “The Shape of You”. Ed Sheeran is another young mainstream secular artist in the music industry that Morgoth doesn't like.

I'm interested to know what Billy Bragg's faith/religion/spirituality is? I have never really heard him talk about it. I know that Billy Bragg really loves the hymn "Jerusalem", but that is all I know. With Billy Bragg being so critical of Israel I'm not sure he is a Christian. I really love Israel and I have been there on a Christian pilgrimage. I don't like cruelty and what I see Billy Bragg doing to Morrissey is cruel it is almost like bullying.

Is Stormzy a saved Christian? That is between him and God I don't know. I believe that it is very hard to be a true born-again Christian and to work in the music industry. Jesus talked about having "faith even as small as a mustard seed". It is still really early days and Stormzy is still really young with only one album under his belt. I think he is about 26 years old. I pray that in the future he really grows strong in his faith and that his faith gives him peace in his life.

I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson and have been for years. Michael Jackson was brought up in the Jehovah's Witnesses. I hope that Michael Jackson was saved and was still a Christian before he died. Michael Jackson's death is still a mystery it haunts me. I loved Michael Jackson as a human being not just his music I still love him. Michael Jackson is another mainstream secular artist in the music industry that Morgoth doesn't like.

I also really love Morrissey (as a solo artist) and I love him as a person a human being as well not just his music. I like a lot of different music, but since I became a born-again Christian I don't listen to as much secular music as much as I once did.

I like the fact that Christianity is open to everyone no matter what background they are from or what race they might be or how rich or poor they are or if they are working-class or middle-class or famous or non famous or what their political views might be. In my view there is only one race that is the human race!

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