Big request - "rare tracks"


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My external hard drive, the one on which I saved ALL my music, crashed a few days ago ... I lost a lot of Morrissey concerts and, more important, some rare tracks

So if any of you have these, I will be very grateful if you linked them :

Interlude - only Morrissey vocals
Moon river - "short" version
I'd love to - UK
Drive in saturday - the first live performance, not the one on the his last single
"Demos" from Vauxhall and I
Viva Hate outtakes
Miraval sessions
Rubber ring / Asleep as on the original single
Disappointed live - B side of We hate it when ...

If you have anything else intersting, I'd love to hear it too

Thank you
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Have you checked bootlegs downloads sites dierctory thread on top of the forum?

You'll find frequently asked downloads links which have most of your requests.
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