Big Hard Excellent Fish - And The Question Remains


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In 1989 dancer Michael Clark approached Josie Jones and Jake Walters of Big Hard Excellent Fish to write a piece of music for his forthcoming work with the Phoenix Dance Company. Josie Jones, formerly of Pete Wylie's Mighty Wah! asked Pete to work with them on this and the 'Imperfect List' was born: a sober, chilling - and very heartfelt cry and denouncement of Britain's then-ills. After many requests to 'update' the piece, Josie Jones felt it fitting to create a version relevant to today's Britain. A world not too dissimilar to the Britain of the 80s: Unemployment, greed, Rupert Murdoch, WMDs, a Tory-led government..
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25 years after "The imperfect list" and it still works.
I have the feeling the list is slightly longer though...
Thanks for sharing!
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