Bicycle ride around smiths landmarks

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Thanks for the dirdections, it looks like it's a walkable distance from deansgate.


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Hi All,

This is my first post on this forum, and indeed my first ever on any forum.

Really excited about tomorrow, ever since I saw the event mentioned on the site. I did most of the Smiths/Morrissey trail (via Train, Bus and foot) on a day trip in July, when visiting Manchester for the first time. I never managed to get to Strangeways or Whalley Range though.

I should have joined this forum before now but only thought about it after checking the threads this morning. Already preparing for my long day as I will be getting up at about 02.00am to get a bus (with bike) to Dublin Airport. To bed early for me tonight! I have everything arranged at this stage except the train (+ bike) from Manchester Airport to City Centre. Just need to make a 'phone call.

I've been "in training" for two weeks now, but took a bad decision to go out with workmates last night. As I say, to bed early tonight!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone for what should be a fun day!


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Hi everyone :)
look forward to seeing so many smith fans tomorrow!
hope everyone has a good time!
im going to cycle from burnage to salford at like 7 am and get there between half 9 or something, i really can't wait!
as well as making new friends too!
but im kinda embarassed as i only raised around £10 :(, cheap ass friends and teachers ....


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I saw you all at the Cemetrey Gates, well done to all those who took part.
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