Best Soundboard Recordings?


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Hello there!

I am new to the board after discovering this awesome site!

Was wondering if there is a list of soundboard recordings from Morrissey?

I only have summersonic 2002 right now and would love to expand my collection.. any help would be awesome!



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Welcome theplu! :)

Here's what I have, all of these have been available here recently. I would load them for you but I have a dial-up internet collection and it would take forever!

Higher Education (Utrecht, Holland) 1991. 15 trax from a radio bcast.
My Chance to Shine (Costa Mesa Ampitheatre) 1991. Great show! Has End of the Line and Place in Hell and Trash, which aren't too easily found.
Reardon Street (Belgium) 1991. I think there are 13 trax from a radio bcast. Quality is fine, performances on the other two are better.
UCLA '91 (Pauley Pavilion)- Great quality recording of the infamous gig that ended in a riot!
Live in Chile (Santiago, Chile)-2000. Great high energy show, the best of that tour by far.
The Greek, Berkely CA 1997- Good "Maladjusted" tour recording, maybe the only soundboard from the tour.
Thank Your Lucky Stars (LA) 1986- The best Smiths boot, has a legendary version of I Know It's Over w/ Moz yelling at security!
Same Day Again (Oxford Apollo)-1985. Radio b-cast, has a great version of You've Got Everythink Now in my opinion.

I don't have it but I think one of the best Your Arsenal boots is called "I'm a Poet" from the US tour. Check out Passions Just Like Mine (, as it has complete gigographies, bootleg guides, and lots of other stuff too.

Hope I have helped!



heres a great one from last year

its recorded in austria.just do a search at the top of the page and youll get some great shows or just check the this section every couple of days people are always reposting.

i recommend these shows hulsfred 04,hammersmith odeon 91,santaigo 04,
california 91,


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could have been bennicassim if not the bloody spanish radioguys talked over the songs, bloody bastards!

Is that a common thing to do in spain?
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