Best Smiths/ Moz opening riff ?


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Have just purchased one of those new mobile thingys that all the young yins have these days :D And are looking for a decent ringtone. Any suggestions ? '

Bigmouth strikes again' is looking favourite at the moment. I also quite like the intro to 'The youngest was the most loved ' 'The queen is dead ' , 'Rusholme ruffians' ach there is too many to choose . Help !


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my phone rings with Handsome Devil..

but i always thought You Have Killed Me and The more You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get have great opening riffs..


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I like "Girl Afraid" and "Headmaster Ritual"


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I have This Charming Man as my ringtone....and I look forward to my phone ringing far more than I used to.... it goes to voice mail after Moz sings the first line of the song though...which is probably just as well or I would probably never answer it!:p


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For me, without a shadow of a doubt, it's The Headmaster Ritual. Johnny's finest opening.



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I have the chorus portion of "Our Frank" for my ringtone. I held off buying a cell phone for ages and consider them a leash. So, the ringtone is sort of an inside joke only I get.

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I love the opening to How soon is now?, Girl Afraid, and Your gonna need someone by your side. also handsome devil

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dont use ringtones- but if i did choose an opening riff it would be "satan rejected my soul".


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You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

Although, realistically, I'd answer my phone quicker if my ringer was a song that I hated...

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Recent Morrissey: The First of the Gang to Die
Old Skool Morrissey: Suedehead (Marr must have fallen off his chair when he heard this riff in a MOZ solo record :D and I'm sure Morrissey was very happy about that )

Smiths: This Charming Man/ You Just Haven't Earned it Yet Baby

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