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    Dec 26, 2006
    So for various reasons I missed all of the World Peace... and subsequent touring (even though I thought the album itself was actually the strongest for a while).

    What live shows (preferably soundboard quality) should I be tracking down? Best new live tracks not on albums? I hear the Rose Garden cover and became obsesses with it despite the low quality. What else have I missed in Moz-land?
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    Aug 4, 2009
    Here's the best quality recordings...

    Paris Oct 27 2014. This was recorded for radio and broadcast in different countries with different tracklistings, so that the whole concert was broadcast, but not at once. This is the French broadcast.

    Santiago Nov 11 2015

    London Sept 23 2015. Morrissey said at the time that this would probably be his last UK concert.

    Los Angeles Dec 31 2015.
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    Here's the complete Paris Oct 27 2014 show which combines the best versions of all 3 European broadcasts:

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