Best Moz solo gig you've been to and you wish you'd have been to?

Drew a swallow

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Brixton 1995
Drury Lane 1995
Croydon 1995

loved that whole Boxers tour^

MEN 2004

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Forget my fate.
Too many great memories...

Here are some highlights (in chronological order):

1) Hammersmith Odeon Oct 1991 - the first time I saw Moz live
2) Chester Northgate Arena Dec 1997 - shook Moz's hand twice and he tried to pull me on to the stage (failed as I was dragged down by 2 bouncers)
3) Manchester M.E.N. Arena May 2004 - Moz's 45th birthday (Manchester 'comeback' gig), watched United win the FA Cup in a large screen in Manchester city center and then went on to the gig. Fantastic gig and as a bonus I caught one of the drum sticks Deano threw to the crowd at the end. Perfect day...
4) Manchester G-Mex Dec 2006 - the first gig I took my son to
5) Camden Roundhouse 23 Jan 2008 - great gig + I caught a piece of Moz's shirt for the 1st time
6) Sunderland Empire 01 Feb 2008 - another great night and Moz acknowledged my failed attempt to get on stage by saying 'thank you to the galant soul who at least made an attempt, and if you don't make an attempt have you really lived?'
7) Hyde Park Jul 2008 - quite simply a great gig
8) Manchester Apollo 22 May 2009 - 50th birthday, another magical night
9) O2 Academy Leeds Oct 2009 - Another excellent performance, really good crowd and caught a large piece of Moz's shirt again!

My worst one by far:

Liverpool Echo Arena Nov 2009

Drew a swallow

deep and blue
2) Chester Northgate Arena Dec 1997 - shook Moz's hand twice and he tried to pull me on to the stage (failed as I was dragged down by 2 bouncers)

I got a hand shake at that gig too. I remember thinking at the time that the curious venue took me back to secondary school P.E. Little was I to know that 12 years later he'd end up playing seaside piers.

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Probably the Harlem Apollo when I got on stage in 2004.

Probably would have actually made it to the Moz if I wasn't so drunk.



I loved the November 23rd gig here in Dublin. Great show and Moz himself said it was
his favourite of the tour! :)


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The best was the first at Kingswood Music Theatre north of Toronto, July 5th, 1991. I was in the front row, slightly left of centre. I was 17 years old and an absolute fanatic and Morrissey came out on stage and touched my hand before he did anything else. The most exciting moment of my life.

bucks boy

hammersmith odeon
aylesbury civic centre
nottingham ice rink

i missed glasgow barrowlands as i was taken ill with a brain tumor i was gutted.i then missed brixton as i was post op and i was not fit to travel but i did go to ally pally last year and it was great when moz did sisms it kind of put everything right that had gone wrong in that year.


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well as ive only made it to two will prob have to be the last brixton date of the tour of refusal! mainly because it lasted more than 5 mins! unlike the other gig....sure every1 can guess which 1 that were!


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He blew me away at the Philly/Academy of Music show (2 years ago?) Saw him in NYC and Florida around that time as well - didn't compare (for us at least) to Philly. God, I hope we get to see him again!!


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The one where he refused to take my letter. That was just great!:head-smack:
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