Best morrissey song for heartbreak

True heartbreak is (thankfully) something I haven't really experienced yet, but 'I Know It's Over' would probably be my choice- the lyrics, and the sound of Morrissey's voice blending with the music are so incredibly sad and emotionally evocative, but there's something very uplifting and hopeful about "It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate- it takes strength/guts to be gentle and kind". I have similar feelings about 'Come Back To Camden'.
_I know very well how I got my name_, of course. _you think you were my first love, but you're wrong... you were the only one_... never before lovesong lyrics have been so eloquently minimalistic and beautiful.
I agree with all of the post but break ups tend to be a process so:

For the first angry stage - So What Difference Does It Make?

Then the disappointment – [any of the aforementioned]

Then the realisation that the world goes on – Now I Am A Was

The worst part is when you use a song to get over someone/thing and you hear it in the future (when all is supposed to be well) and it takes you back....

Nice thread!!
Then the realisation that the world goes on – Now I Am A Was

Mmm. Curious interpretation.
To me that one is just the realisation that you are a were .:)

...But why not. Let's not be picky.
I Know It's Over is a classic! Very good for heartbreaks! Morrissey should sing it sometime at his gigs! He hasn't sung it since 1986! Come on Moz!
I've chosen two:
The obvious first was I Know It's Over. It's not only about losing somebody, but also the pain of that person marrying somebody else. There is no hope whatsoever in this song. It's Morrissey crying for his mum whilst being buried alive. Just sheer unique lyrical genius. Totally sad and beautiful at the same time.

My other choice is Well I Wonder. Can't tell whether this about somebody you were with or somebody you want to be with, it conveniently covers both scenarios. There is some hope in this song with the 'please keep me in mind' line. Lyrically very simple, but beautifully sad for so few words. :)
There is two end of the spectrum.

In the context of the whole 'it won't ever happen, it won't' end of the scale I think 'I want the one I can't have' is perfect.

the other end, post romance aka 'Ouch, that was uncalled for. I'm alone again'
Well I Wonder is perfect for this.

hello so-low it's been a while
Which one would you listen to?

I don't know if the question is hypothetical or not, but in general I would say:

I wouldn't listen to any, I think. He doesn't seem to me to be right for the occasion. Morrissey speaks to the usual, your basic states, life in general. Applying him to a heartbreak situation (at least unless it's the kind that goes on for a year or two) seems like putting sugar on ice cream to me.

That kind of thing calls for the unusual, perhaps even for the unusually normal. Get out your Nazareth records and play "Love Hurts". Partly because that actually hurts more than Love does, and partly because it reminds you that there is a trivial side to heartbreak. Alternatively, fuminate against my idiotic advice and smash something. Anything's better than wallowing in the fact that your pain is the stuff of beauty, which is what Morrissey will do for you.

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