Best Morrissey/Smiths songs about the snow/ski-ing etc

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Well, it's been one of the snowiest winters for years over here in the UK, so as we move into spring, a good time (perhaps) to reflect on some of the best Morrissey/Smiths songs about the snow/ski-ing/wintry stuff etc...

1 How soon is snow?
2 Slalomists who lie
3 Hand in ski glove
4 King skier
5 Now my cable car is full
Husky Cousin
Skate Night, Maudlin Street
Girfriend In An Igloo
Everyday Is Like Ski Sunday
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Tobboganists

Interesting Thug

Breadknife Collector
I'm Snow-K by Myself
Frost Of The Gang To Die
Ice Started Something I Couldn't Finish
Never Had Snow-one Ever
The Queen Is Dead (take me back to Reindeer old blighty)
Black snow-Cloud...

The Cat's Mother

Drifting Your Girlfriend Home

(Do I get extra points because it's on "Chill Uncle"? Thought not....)


EDIT: You Just Haven't Earned it Yeti Baby!

*runs away*
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