Best Morrissey Bassist?

Best Morrissey Bassist?

  • Stephen Street

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • Andy Rourke

    Votes: 49 49.5%
  • Matthew Seligman

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Bedders

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • Jonny Bridgewood

    Votes: 5 5.1%
  • Gary Day

    Votes: 37 37.4%
  • Solomon Walker

    Votes: 12 12.1%

  • Total voters


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Gary is really cool, but what he does is not that hard actually. Good bassist though.... just sayin'.

Does it really have to be hard or complex, though? Some of my favorite songs, for example, the Cure's 39 off of the album Bloodflowers, has a simple bass line but it suits the song so well that I could happily listen to the bass riff all day long!


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Nope. A good bassist complements the drummer and keeps the rhythmsection steady and strong. They should also know their place in the band.

Simplicity is sometimes even harder than playing really complicated bass riffs. So I definitely get your point...


Rourke complemented the drumming, was steady and tight and came up with some incredible "hard to play" basslines. So he could basically could do it all and was very wellrounded.


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Morrissey had in his solo year, lot of different drummers as bassist

my choice for Day was 50,50% to Andy Rourke 49,50 %

The Walker bro's are climbing, hope they get the chance, and that Morrissey get's deal for 2 albums [or at least a label]
that they can work on with Morrissey, they's solid Rythm team, and brothers

Rourke and Joyce were really the solid rythm team in the Smiths,
and certainly not that hatery 'names' that comes from the courtcase
won by Joyce , after that they were/are critised, I don't
get into it, I can understand Morrissey's frustration and
personal issues against Joyce, but I just want to leave
that behind and judge it musicly

Day was also fired,and got a 2nd chance, his best
period was with Spencer Cobrin, but alo with Spike T and Deano
it worked out OK

He is forgotten too soon, but he got his half procent that he played with
diffrent drummers as Morrissey's bass player, it always worked out sounding OK,

his Standing Bass playing in the 1991/2 tour was/is still memorable
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Really like Sol Walker. Got a good stage presence.

I'm mainly amused by the idea that Morrissey has a sibling rhythm section. Long may it last.

Completely agree with the above, Matt is a brilliant drummer and Solomon is fantastic on stage - especially when strumming his bass to 'one day goodbye will be farewell' right above a moody bouncer's head!!! Solomon gets my vote.
Gary was ace and was a major part of Moz's solo direction, especially with the Kill Uncle tour (amazing double bass action!)
Amy Lame (should be an accent on the e) has spoken very highly of Jonny Bridgwood on BBC London; she said what a lovely and friendly guy he was.
Hmmmmm. Moz has had some cool bass players!!!


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As a bass player of 20 some years, my vote hands down goes to Rourke. Any of the others have butchered his bass lines when Moz does Smiths tunes. They may have a very root portion of the bass line down, but they all miss the flurry of ghost notes, harmonics, double stops, etc. that Rourke did. Rourke is very well respected amongst the bass playing community, even those that don't find the Smiths to be their cup of tea.

Bridgewood is second (he is a better electric bass player with more solid basslines and better timing live than any but Rourke and he is the best on upright of the bunch).

Gary has the look for rockabilly but is a very, very mediocre player. Solomon is lucky he has a brother that is a solid drummer.
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Gary has the look for rockabilly but is a very, very mediocre player.

He might have seemed like an amateur during the Kill Uncle tour, but I think his second stint with Morrissey (1999-2007) really showed great improvement in his playing. I didn't know he was such good friends with Alain, too.


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It's a no-brainer Andy Rourke. I don't believe anyone had catchier basslines i find myself humming his basslines too often. Mike Joyce was the only interchangable part in the band you couldve had anyone playing drums for the smiths as long as Moz was on Vox Marr was on guitar and Rourke was on bass. ....and yes Gary Day is waaaaaay cooler but not nearly as talanted
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