Best live Smiths show?

TJ Burns

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I’m looking to check out some Smiths live shows (other than Rank and the recent Boston, MA from the deluxe Queen is Dead) that are available in high quality and in high regard from fans. What are some I should check out?
I think the Barrowlands gig is accepted as possibly The Smiths best ever. It is available for download somewhere on this site.
I reckon it's the Isle of Lucy concert from 1985. Reckon Rough Trade released it on a double CD along with the Joy Order and Big Country concert. It's me favorite because in between bigmouth strikes again and some girls are bigger than others you can hear a drunk Uncle Steve saying to the crowd "once I make my first mil, I am moving as far away as I can from you Brit foreigners to LA and there is this thing called the internet where I am going to sell all my T-shirts and stuff and call it mporium uk and it will be the highest grossing internet store for a living pop star in history and I will never have to come back to this shit hole and look at your inbred faces again". It's TOP ACE m8 inn n n n nnn n nn n n it.
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