Best live performance of a song?


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What would you say is the best live performance of song by Moz?
I would have to say the Introducing Morrissey version of “Speedway”- spectacular towards the end.
Honourable mention - the version of “Life is a Pigsty” that transitions into “Auld Lang Syne” and then explodes into “How Soon is Now?” on the Hollywood Bowl Film.

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Mz Understood

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I think for me Hollywood Bowl 25 live also, but Please Please Please
He looks straight into the camera with such sincerity of heart and has to leave the stage.
His eyes are glistening with tears it’s moving and it’s genuine.
Towards the end it’s quite raucous and thunderous.

Gregor Samsa

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Yeah, Please Please from Hollywood Bowl is definitely one of his very best. Jack the Ripper from Who also up there. As is There is a light off of the same dvd.

Lazy Chimpanzee

Miming but still like this one.
Great song that's been kind of forgotten.


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If you are asking about recorded live performances, then There Is A Light from the Who Put the M DVD. Otherwise, Asleep from the London O2 Arena 2014 gig. Terrible venue, great concert.

Ben Budd

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Now My Heart is Full, Chile 2004.

Jack the Ripper, Chicago 2004.
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