Best Cover version 2009 by non-professional

Best Cover Version 2009 by non-professional

  • Abrahan: When I Last Spoke To Carol

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  • Lawrence: Dial A Cliché

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  • mcrickson: All You Need Is Me

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Re: For your interest

As Peter said, what difference does it make?

Some polls I was unable to vote because I missed the deadline due to minding other stuff on the forums.

Call me a liar if you like, a pathetic little child.
Peter Skinny's cover is great - may even prefer to the original (although in all honesty, that's not saying much!). a splendid bit of strumming.
Have you done other Moz covers, Peter?
oh phooey,just saw Lawrence's tune.

Surely Solow's RATM whilst Skinny is Joe McElderry

(can't be bothered doing a facebook campaign though)
Well I listened to Uncle Skinny's version simply because I'm populist by nature. He has a lovely singing voice.

It's one of thoe rare moments when a cover transcends the original!
probably off-topic, but I really enjoyed this rendition of There is a Light:

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Frannisey. Beautiful. Rich, warm vocals. Really adds a new dimension to the song. Plus, I really like her glasses.

Uncle close behind. Lovely. Don't know if he wears glasses.
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