Berlin - 16/11/09


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cheers once again downloading now:guitar:


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Thanks ofr the recording!
Unfortunate that you had to remove the two songs but, thank you for doing it!
The great recording from the National in Richmond is almost ruined by the f-ing idiots that are arguing around the mic throughout!
Although this tour has had issues with Moz, the worst elements of all of the bad gigs are the people in the crowd: The so-called fans who are too self-important to let go of themselves for an hour and let Moz entertain us all.


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thank you very much! :flowers:

i have to try it here too - does anyone who attended have a video of black cloud?

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Aggh! Ive been trying all week to download this and RapidShare always says too many users are downloading files no matter what time of day or night!! And yes Im too cheap to be a premium member...

Any chance some kind sole could post on Megauplaod or sendspace?


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Thanks for sharing.... I'm still trying to get rapidshare to let me download it, but look forward to listening if I can ever get it to work... (yes I'm too cheap as well...)

eta: finally got a free download slot - yay - can't wait to listen... thanks again!
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