Benicassim Festival


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A good place to look is a European festival forum site. unfortunately I can't remember the site at the mo' but I have it on my e-mail in work...

I will post 2moro. But I don't think theres any buses. Think theres a few convoys going tho' (camper vans etc) so if you had a word maybe you coud go

Can I ask what day you're going over? I'm undecided so far cos I'd like a couple of days to recover after. Think my mate and I are flying. lookng forward to it. You should give us a ring over there and me and you could meet up for a bit of Moz fun (that sounds dirty!!! Sorry!) as my mate is not a big fan!
I ain't done a festival since (gulp) Glastonbury '97.


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Bluebirds said:
Thanks for the thread i will look through it later. I am looking to be at the festival from the 17th - 25th (campsite dates) and attend all the 4 days.
It is expensive to fly as i am coming from Glasgow ( middle of the Glasgow summer holidays) so flights are working out at £900 for four of us to fly to Alicante. There are no flights to Valencia from Scotlnd. There is a National Express coach that goes to Valencia costing £116 each from Glasgow which is a good price but it gets in on the 20th (first day of festival) and leaves on the 27th which is 2 days after the campsites close and it takes 2 days to get there with long delays in London and Paris. I will keep looking for ways to get there but i will need to be quick as the festival ticket prices go up on the 1st June. If i go i will get in touch and we could meet up at the festival. At least i got to see Morrissey at Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow, and my home town Greenock. I will be going to London on the 28th May for the Palladium gig. Thanks again for the thread and if you go have a great time.
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