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Anyone know what happened to the former Johnny Panic singer? I know he did a solo album (Songs from the corner of the room, which is great if you haven't heard it, you must do so.), But were is he now is the real question. I read somewhere he may have started teaching, don't know if that meant he was done with music.

Anyway just torte I'd ask you lot.


Ben released one single with Johnny Panic (When I Drink I Love You More) and two solo albums (The Merchant Venturer and Songs From The Corner of the Room) as well as a special single celebrating his beloved Bristol Rovers (Tote End Boys).

He still writes but is indeed teaching now.

He was also responsible, at least in part, for the songs that eventually became "Irish Blood English Heart" (Not Bitter But Bored) "Don't Make Fun of Daddys Voice" (Paranoia) and maybe some other songs from the post-Maladjusted era.

As well as being a fine singer and songwriter he remains a wonderful chap.

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