Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) covers Everyday Is Like Sunday on his livestream and includes a disclaimer about Moz's "recent politics"



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What a total cringe-fest, bit of a shame as I do like I Will Follow You Into The Dark, it is a wonderful song, but here he may as well just say please don’t cancel me if I cover a Morrissey song, it’s a little embarrassing. I would love to know what he thinks Morrissey has said that is so bad, or is it that someone has told him so.


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I’ve read the book; it’s a great tittle-tattle biography. But Goldman made a living out of writing the most sensational accounts of the famous legally possible: the juicer the gossip, the more publishers were willing to pay for contributory anecdotes, with obvious consequences for the truth.
John Seaman's book on John Lennon is a great read. He was Lennon's personal assistant for the last year or so of his life and paints a vivid picture of JL. Seems he lived as a recluse in that tower called the Dakota (where Rosemary's Baby was filmed). A prisoner of Yoko's witchcraft. Warts and all, I still love John Lennon

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