Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) covers Everyday Is Like Sunday on his livestream and includes a disclaimer about Moz's "recent politics"

He still chose and played the song though so I don’t think he’s trying to keep fans clients with this cover. If so he just would have chose something else
He's just trying to keep up with the kids..... or the 50 somthings
What a total cringe-fest, bit of a shame as I do like I Will Follow You Into The Dark, it is a wonderful song, but here he may as well just say please don’t cancel me if I cover a Morrissey song, it’s a little embarrassing. I would love to know what he thinks Morrissey has said that is so bad, or is it that someone has told him so.
I’ve read the book; it’s a great tittle-tattle biography. But Goldman made a living out of writing the most sensational accounts of the famous legally possible: the juicer the gossip, the more publishers were willing to pay for contributory anecdotes, with obvious consequences for the truth.

John Seaman's book on John Lennon is a great read. He was Lennon's personal assistant for the last year or so of his life and paints a vivid picture of JL. Seems he lived as a recluse in that tower called the Dakota (where Rosemary's Baby was filmed). A prisoner of Yoko's witchcraft. Warts and all, I still love John Lennon

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