Being mean for a hobby


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Is that what some people get off on or what?:confused:

Just checking.....

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Who is being mean to you?

Yes, I think that it is kind of a hobby for some.


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Hey, it's just either being ignored or slagged off..........:straightface:

But it's okay. I just need to get a thicker hide I gues....:)

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
I disagree. Don't thicken your hide; just avoid the jerks. Who wants a world full of tough-as-nails types?


I am a mean person when I need to be.

However, I think there are some people who get off on being mean.
I'm only mean when people are being utterly vile or otherwise idiotic (and even then my meanness is usually pretty mild) and I don't suffer fools gladly. Otherwise I'm a reasonably non-despicable person and I do think it's horrid when people are just plain spiteful and horrible for their own amusement and gain. "It takes strength to be gentle and kind"- an oft-quoted statement, but completely true. As long as you don't let people walk all over you, life is generally a lot less hassle if you show decency and kindness to people. Everyone has slip-ups though, and I think that's probably healthy and necessary for balance- and the benefit of experience, of course. :)


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overall i'm not a nice person but i think i'm one of the best and most loyal friends someone can have. i'm definitely not a backstabber. i just have a pretty abrasive personality and say rude things.


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People who get off on being mean do so because they are so miserable and nasty they have no hope of getting off sexually, they can't masturbate because their retarded brain was only able to invent one boring fantasy that doesn't work any more.
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