Morrissey Central "Being Dead Changes You" by Morrissey (April 22, 2020)

Morrissey Central: "Being Dead Changes You" - April 22, 2020


"Genesis P-Orridge was born in Manchester but wasn't ever a part of the Manchester scene. A few weeks ago he died at the age of 70, although, to his credit, he looked more like a very well preserved 365-year old - which was nice. He was a multifarious non-musician who never lost his strangeness, and who was viciously attacked by the British tabloids because he (perhaps like they) enjoyed 'indecent' books. His albums with Throbbing Gristle have an overdeveloped erotic sensitivity, all of which he made appear to be, in fact, quite nice. He gave without reservation, making music at 19 years old until his recent days as a nightmare teenager of 70.
Since none of his emotions were manufactured he was therefore never of interest to the power arms of the music industry. His singing voice, it's quite true, could behead roses, and his musicians often made the mistake of confusing chemicals with creativity. And it was all quite nice. Genesis P-Orridge had an extra eye (artistically so) - and your mocking laughter soon dissolved into a magnetic attraction for someone of wide culture and colossal memory.
Obviously he saw our chosen obedient way of living as a sterile hell (for who wouldn't?), and his concept of talent utilized almost anything as a possible musical instrument : whatever you need to save you is right there within you. This, also, was quite nice. Eventually he became the women he loved. Genesis became trans-Something - as if his body would now duplicate precisely what it desired in others. Often this made him look as if in the 10th month of a strenuous pregnancy, but it didn't matter very much. He had the ability to make everything seem alright, and perhaps without realizing it himself, he was very nice. After all, why remain as a fixed image … from forceps to funeral?"

Morrissey, 22 April 2020

Trolls, yes.

But I honestly don't think Moz has turned into an awful person. I think he's just trying to fight a media war he can't win & has got annoyed by some liberal double standards.

Yes, but he doesn't recognize his own hypocrisy.
To me Morrissey's "having both" sometimes seems like being gay and homophobic at the same time, feminist and misogynist at the same time, and anti-racist and racist at the same time.

Hey, whatever you wanna see.

He’s doing fine.

- Allow me to follow-up on my own post -

Not to sound morose, but I'd find it interesting if Morrissey wrote his own obit. It would be insightful in ways that his own autobiography couldn't be, namely that it could not include fifty pages on the trial!
His obituary is available in all good record stores.
He no longer has the guts to be gentle and kind toward anything except animals.

No guts? :lbf:

I think Moz is just fed up because this world has been taken over by humans.

The world still won’t listen, so what’s the point.
Ketamine Sun, is there anything that Moz could do that would diminish your undying devotion to him even one iota? Hero worship is a dangerous game...

Some of my best friends say and do things I may not agree with, but I still love them.

btw, I have no heroes


Yes, a very very nice surprise.

Absolutely... I have read a lot of short epitaphs for GPO... the one by Morrissey seems to be the best one so far... "Often this made him look as if in the 10th month of a strenuous pregnancy, but it didn't matter very much. He had the ability to make everything seem alright, and perhaps without realizing it himself, he was very nice. "

Most people didn't want to say that Genesis looked incredibly absurd, but that it was an absurdity that suited him... a lovely absurdity.

Genesis would be extremely surprised, but also pleased, if s/he knew that morrissey had written this piece of text.
Off topic, I've just watched trump on tv... as he spoke over all the scientific advisors, and shut down media questions... as we, us in the uk, now slowly realise that isolation could last until the arse end of this year, trump is opening some states, all I can think is go USA keep the world economy ticking over, so that the global depression might be slightly better........ America, you haven't even started with this virus yet...... you will be the worst affected nation world wide.....
I knew Gen professionally, and I worked with them on occasion.

I have to say that I'm surprised and gratified that Morrissey decided to put in a good word (even if it is a bit late, and a wee bit condescending).

Gen was radical and singular (and plural). A true original who often pushed things as far as they could go, then pushed them some more. Gen could be volatile, difficult and abusive, but nonetheless they opened minds and third eyes. Live, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV often punched a hole in the world as we know it.

"Nightmare teenager at 70" is hilarious, and on-target.

Gen went places Morrissey could only imagine.
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I bet he would've rolled his eyes and cried a little to read this lovely obit.
Respect when people spend their lives trying to exercise this little tiny bit of freedom we were born with. Most of the time we ask ourselves if it worths the trouble. But some people just do it. And sometimes that makes all the difference.

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