Beethoven Was Deaf. Is Morrissey?

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Studies have shown that rock and classical musicians often have more advanced hearing loss than non-musicians of the same age. It's an occupational hazard.

I know a hottie who says that this might explain Morrissey's recent penchant for that bigger sound. Other musicians have discussed the impact of hearing loss upon their material, but to the best of my knowledge, Morrissey has not ever mentioned it.

There's even an organization.


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Not even Barking?


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Nobody's responding because they couldn't hear your thread. :)

I dunno. Maybe. It's definitely a good question.
It's possible.

A friend who has made a living as a musician the last 25 years suffers slight hearing loss. (Though is more concerned with the effect of the smoky atmospheres on his teeth/gums. Loves the smoking ban.)
An occupational hazard he tries to reduce by having "quiet" rehearsals as well as full sound ones, and by using specialist earplugs.

Many artists use in-ear devices which allow them to hear the sound on-stage while protecting from damage.

But I am shocked at how loud some people raise the volume on their MP3/iPod devices.
...I don't know about Deaf....but he must be Fhooking STOOPID if he thinks that "Black eyed Susan" really, really NEEDED that mindlessly Godawful Instrumental ( Ha!!) "Break" in a brilliant song that could so easily have been another CLASSIC!!!.....WTF was he ON ???....

PS, A friend of mine suffers from hearing loss, and has recently even resorted to something called "Hopi Indian Ear Candles" (...Stop sniggering....).
They were actually VERY relaxing ( both to him, as the"Ear Candle" recipient, and me, as the "Assistant" ( ..I had to hold the things until they burned down....Nobody got burned during the Process....).
But, as an "Alternative " therapy/Medicinal Help...I wouldn't really Reccomend them.... but they were great for relaxation though!!!...


My secret's my enzyme.
I love the tag. :rofl:
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