Beethoven Was Deaf (Happy Xmas!?, I'm A Poet silver disc boots & Apple lossless album)

Famous when dead

(Thanks to TB for both)

1. Happy Xmas!?

Happy Xmas - Cover - Front~2.jpg


2. I'm A Poet

I'm A Poet - Cover - Front~2.jpg


1 & 2 will give you both full gigs that Beethoven Was Deaf utilised when combining tracks.

3. Beethoven Was Deaf - Apple lossless M4A format copy for those needing that too.



1 & 2 added to 3 gives you the best quality collation available of all the 2 gig's sources.
The previous post using terms like 'outtakes' was just misleading - for whatever reason, they used 2 gigs to create Beethoven Was Deaf - so obviously things would be omitted.
If you need a guide to make up the 2 gigs with best sources from the 3 provided above: see here.


Thank yoU!
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