Beady Eye

After listening to it over and over again I finally decided I like it. Not what I expected, ie lyrics such as "Baby hold on, baby come on!" from Liam, and theres backing singers/ dancers in the video (these are the kindve gimmicks oasis stayed away from). Its catchy, unlike anything around these days, and at least hes not just made oasis mark 2.

p.s. the music is almost a direct copy of velvet revolver's white heat, white light. NAUGHTY LIAM
No, I like him too. He's kept his looks, the clothing line is mostly quite good.
He's still got the f.u. attitude.

All the trappings and trimmings but no meat -- the words. I'd like Liam to do some travelling to some far off places and really interact with people. Not so he goes all "world music" on us but it could bring something very needed. Hell, even check out mods around the globe and see what they worship and then write a global anthem for them. Let me manage this band. I can be their Andrew Loog Oldham.

I agree with the above, apart from the clothing line- too me it's all rather obvious rather like Oasis and Liam himself (who says you can't judge a book by its cover?).

I can't wait for the live shows I think they will be rather fun
Monday, 28 February, Channel 4, 23:45, BEADY EYE: LIVE... 35*MINS.
...From Abbey Road: Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye perform tracks from their debut album.

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