BBC Radio 4 'comedy' featuring "wrong" Moz

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joe frady, Mar 7, 2019.

By joe frady on Mar 7, 2019 at 11:08 PM
  1. joe frady

    joe frady Vile Refusenik

    Apr 29, 2006
    not Edinburgh, sadly.
    On my GP's advice í avoid, like the plague, Radio 4's 6:30pm 'comedy slot'. Because it is shit.

    But, tonight, for reasons í won't go into, í was temporarily physically incapable of getting to the wireless to avert the dial.

    Hence, í heard the opening 5 minutes or so of this ~

    ~ "The Wilsons Save The World" ~ a 'comedy' about "a modern family attempting to live their best ethical life" (yes, really) co-written and starring horse-faced toff rent-a-comic Marcus Brigstocke.
    The set-up for to-night's episode "You Can't Do That Anymore" (astonishingly the 2nd epsiode of the 2nd series) is that Dumb Dad Wilson is singing along to "There is a Light that Never Goes Out", in a faux Morrissey voice, when his Millenial Brat Daughter enters and tells him to stop, pointing him in the direction of a website that lists all of Morrissey's 'crimes'. Daughter then tells Sensible Good Mum what she's done, and SGM then berates her because she's tried to hide the fact that Morrissey's "gone all...wrong" from Dumb Old Dad, cos it will give her another problem to fix.

    At this point, í finally made it to the dial and turned it round to SmoothFM, or anything at all.
    í have no idea, or desire to know, how the episode turns out.

    The five minutes í heard pretty much defined what í call The Sound of Smug. Radio 4 is pretty much 80% SOS these days, which is interesting, seeing as how this nation is about to fall off a bloody cliff.

    Now, í am, like many of us, still pretty much in the quagmire of working out how the things that Morrissey has said in the last 9 months impact and colour how í feel about his work. It's not simple. 30 years of love cannot be shrugged off in a facile manner. At least for some of us. í don't agree with most of what he has said recently, politically. Does that mean Morrissey has "gone all...wrong"? í disagree with him. But he's entitled to think what he thinks.

    But í still swoon at his Big O...

    The thing that truly twists my melons about this little skidmark of radio nothing, or, indeed Mr Tim Jonze (x-NME, now "The Guardian's" Fanny Craddock seemingly) trying to negate any Morrissey recorded release, before it's even heard, is the easy Smug manner that 35+ years of recorded Art is seemingly thrown under the bus and rendered "wrong", when these people (Brigstocke, Jonze Etc) have done NOTHING in their entire shabby lives that could even begin to crane upwards at the heights reached by Morrissey. But because he espouses views other than yours, he's just "wrong" in every way, forever, backdated.

    It's the New Smug Stalinism.
    And don't we all look so virtuous on it...

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joe frady, Mar 7, 2019.

    1. gordyboy9
      Marcus brigstocke and the word comedian,these worlds couldn't be more far apart.
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    2. Peppermint
      Beautifully put, Joe. 'We are the tolerant, progressive, open-minded ones. As long as your views match ours.' R4 is just about unlistenable these days.
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    3. joe frady
      joe frady
      Although, the Shipping Forecast is still the highlight of most days :rock:

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    4. BookishBoy
      I couldn't agree more. (Thank christ I switched the radio off about 5 mins before this show started.) It is so effortlessly smug, isn't it? "We live in this liberal media world and we have all agreed, as one, that Morrissey is now wrong in every sense of the word. And there will be no debate about this." Ugh. It's just lazy, lazy thinking about a very complex subject.
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    5. Uncleskinny
      Horseshit. You'd be praising them to the gunwhales if they had the opposite view. I bet you voted UKIP, didn't you?
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    6. vegan cro spirit 222
    7. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222

      from my understanding there is a very good chance he is :crazy:
      like our own local trolls.:lbf:
    8. BookishBoy
      Oddly, no! I'm a lifelong socialist who voted for Brexit but am now regretting having done so.
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    9. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      huh, yeah, I dont get it, Moz seems like a misguided douche to me now, but guess what?
      if that had been true when I first heard the Smiths that wouldn't have stopped me from loving them
      same is true now, the music is music, politics is politics
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    10. NealCassidy
    11. Anonymous
      What we are witnessing is the implosion of 'the left'. As someone who would always have described myself as on the left, I have no problem whatsoever with Moz's views. Mass immigration and islamisation across Europe has one central purpose - to 'divide and rule' the working class. The idea that socialists should support mass immigration and islamisation is the real joke. Pretty much every school and hospital in England now uses halal meat as standard - how did we come to accept this as normal? Sharia law is coming...
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    12. Anonymous
      By the way did you know that Morrissey is a lifelong Brexitian who voted socialist during the 80s and now regretting having done so.
    13. Lustman
      Manipulation but this one is funny.
      There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
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    14. Bluebirds
      Marcus Brigstocke is a fucking cunt. I thought for a few years he had thankfully disappeared up his own arsehole but then he appears in an annoying advert for Experian, made the more annoying by the fact that there's two of him in it. And its on the TV all the fucking time.
      Yeh so right on advertising a credit rating agency. Hopefully he'll be running at Cheltenham this week
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    15. joe frady
      joe frady
      Hello Jeremy!

      Shalom ;)

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    16. Peppermint
      Joe, you just won Post of the Week :lbf:
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    17. Daddys Voice
      Daddys Voice
      I'm a fan of 28 years. I'm Canadian. Are any of the crazy right wing British parties trying to take down the monarchy? I'm just trying to figure out what it is he supports, as I'm sure he'd rather see most of the politicians dead than cast his vote for them.

      There must be at least one reasonable platform idea to support that lines up with his familiarly rebellious mind.
    18. Trill
      No idea who Joe Frady is but it’s anazing that he calls anything smug after writing the smuggest thing I’ve ever read. He even put the word comedy in speech marks. Brilliant. “I don’t know how I feel about Morrissey”s constant hate speech”. In other words, you completely agree with him.
    19. shawe

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