BBC Radio 2 concert


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I will in a few minutes!!

what a fantastic concert, gotta love it!


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Re: radio one concert

Thanks a lot. :)
Re: radio one concert

cheers gonzax, this is great


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Re: radio one concert

You made my night! I am downloading, then transferring onto my iPhone...I'll plug my headphones and ready to listen to it in bed....this is f***ing life!!!!
Thank you!

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Thanks for putting this up. I was busy watching England get humiliated by the Spanish and missed this.

Bit disappointed with this to be honest. I think YoR is an excellent album but the live set up still isn't lighting my fire. I thought the dynamism from this album might somehow rub off on the live performances. This charming man? Wasn't too clever but it's great to hear Seasick make a comeback.


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Thank you so much...downloads...runs...picks up expensive headphones....grins


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My only very small quibble would be that some of the track breaks are a bit confusing; so if you only listen to one track you come in halfway through a sentence which can be a bit confusing, any chance someone could fix that? Or it'll throw me when my iPod is on shuffle.

But as I say minor, minor quibble - thank you so much for getting it up so quickly!
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Thanks so much for your efforts, gonzax!

This will be good ipod material for the flights to see Moz.:)
gonax rules
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