Battersea Power Station concert


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I am doing a study on Battersea Power station for college and understand Morrissey performed here in the 90's.
Was anyone reading this there? Where exactly within the power station was the gig? Inside, outside?
Any help appreciated.
The gig was held in December 1997. Can't remember the exact date, around the 10th. The gig was inside the station and was part of some sort of ongoing events week there.
Actually, when I say inside the station, I think it was some sort of temporary structure inside the walls. was very dark.
The gig was indeed 10/12/97. I recall entering as if you were going into the power station but then walking through a maze of sorts to get into the arena which was fairly sizeable but definitley just a temporray set up. Was it Midland Power (?) that was hosting a week of gigs there. Set was fairly short, a lot of Maladjusted and Southpaw but he did play Paint A Vulgar Picture (for the first time?) which was a big singalong.
Great night ! My first ever Moz gig.

My memories include , the chanting prior to Moz comimg onstage...the general feeling that something special was about to occur...paint a vular picture and satan rejected my soul ...Moz talking about Christmas...buying fanzines on the way out...getting lost on the way home...

That night certainly sowed the seeds for my love of seeing him live. I'd always brought every Smiths and solo release but i'd never ventured to seeing him live until then (why, oh why ??? !!) but have been lucky enough to make up for lost time since. Even now whenever I go pass the power station my mind returns to that wondeful night in december all those years ago.
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