Morrissey Central "BARRY RYAN dies, aged 72" (October 8, 2021)


"Barry Ryan sings Eloise and rises to number 3 with a song that is five-and-a-half-minutes long – an eternity in radio space. It is an overly dramatic epic of clash and plea, a 48-piece orchestra wrapped in cliff-bound sirens, racing to an out-of-my-mind screaming vocal. It is an unusual disc, and Barry Ryan is from Leeds, the adopted city of Alan Clarke and Billy Bremner. None of the family had passed the 11-Plus exam, and henceforth cannot be saved, our futures doomed by an undotted i. We transmute from the gothic horror of St Wilfrid’s to the next phase in a familiar theme, and unto an even darker place go. If, like Oliver Twist, I had known, I would have screamed all the more louder, and not even Something here in my heart by the Paper Dolls could save me now."

Barry died September 28, 2021.
Oh how bastardly awful. I remember meeting his lovely wife once - wasn't she the Sheik Of Oman's daughter? Or something.
💜💜💜💜💜💜 M 💜💜

Where was Health & Safety when that video was being shot !
Around 1997ish I gave Boz a Paper Dolls LP in exchange for a batch of rockabilly 7".
He said he knew just the man who would want that LP.I asked who and he said Morrissey !
He also said that other than one postcard he hadn't heard from Moz in months.
amazing voice,amazing song,another one gone.r.i.p barry ryan.
I remember that song playing on the radio at the time. I never imagined it was a young cutie singing it though. It was so dramatic, I always pictured an old crazy-looking dishevelled dude behind a grand piano... Great stuff.
I always thought this was a Damned original. :rolleyes:

Great tune and RIP. I’ll need to check out his catalog.

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