Bargain or did you pay too much?


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Hi,while I am very happy with cds I have bought the last three white label albums (one signed).I have bought what I consider a bargain but my wife thinks I'm mad eg I bought a viva hate promo box set with the two promo photos signed for £75 about 10/12 years ago.Has anyone ever massively over paid for an item and has "buyers regret "?

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Back in the early 2000's I bought a That's Entertainment promo for $7. That's the only real bargain I can think of. I try not to think of what I paid too much for because I am sure there is much more there that exceeds what I saved on that promo... haha


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I don't think I have ever over paid for anything at the time of purchase, but I imagine some items may now be worth less than the price I paid?

I use to enjoy visiting record fairs where, if you were lucky, you might find a rarity at a lot less than it's true value plus you got to inspect its condition before handing over the money


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Around 2005 or 06 I picked up a still sealed in shrink wrap Maladjusted US pressing for $10.00 That was my biggest bargain, I can't think of something I outright over paid for. It usually involves trades and some cash to who ever I am trading.. Those days sure have dried up.
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