"Bands as Smiths and Morrissey stuff" Friday 'fun'


Some Girls Aloud are Bigger than Others.

Everyday is Like The Sundays

Our Frank Sinatra (sorry for that one)

Ouiji Chairman of the Board, Ouiji Board

Sunny and Cher

I Just Want To See The Boy Happy Mondays (again, sorry)
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Drew a swallow

deep and blue
I Have Forgiven Jesus & Mary Chain
Satan Rejected My De La Soul
The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Obscura Eye
Tony The Pony Club

Drew a swallow

deep and blue
Have to admit I'm struggling. Best I can manage is
'Black Eyed Susan Boyle'!

I was going to put that one too, but is she technically a band? Maybe. Yeah, she is, isn't she.
Dagenham Dave Matthews Band
The National Front Shitdisco
Somethin' For The People Is Squeezing My Skull
Stephen Stills ill (not a band though, I know)
Meat Puppets is murder
The Queen is dead
Spice Girls are bigger than others
Papa Roach Jack
These things Take That time
You've got Everything but the girl now
This night has opened my Bright Eyes
I'd love U2
U2 have killed me
The hand that rocks the Cradle of Filth
Black Sabbath Cloud
Sweet and Pretenders hooligan
That Killing Joke isn't funny anymore
That's how Village People grow up
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