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Dear unnamed family member,

I know having your pets put to sleep is horrible and upsetting, but if there's one thing your pet needs at that moment, it's for you to hold them and reassure them. So it looks like me, the other person your cat is familiar and comfortable with, getting the shitty end again. Well I won't let your poor little cat down even if you did. Coward! :mad:

EDIT: Um, yeah. Thanks for the link, Kewpie.
poor Kate, that's awful :(
I just went 5 miles to make a deposit and the bank is out of deposit envelopes at both ATM's. They need to be fined. This could have cost me a late fee.

My other bank was offline today for maintenence "until 1 pm", the notice read, when I checked in at 2:30 pm.

Then there is my credit card comapny that charged me $12.95 rush fee even though I made the payment two days before it's due, because they take advantage of people. My other credit card company doesn't do this and you can pay on the due date.

I really believe banks and credit card companies are ...

evil is too strong of a word, but they are designed to take advantage of working people and add more money to those that already have too much.

I'm not a communist. I believe in reward for innovation, but things are drastically out of balance, and people have advantages because their great-great-grandfathers had advantages. The whole thing rests on the backs of the middle class who blame the poor for their problems, and strive to be rich, so they can sit back and be disgusting, too.
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I used to have those problems rushing around depositing money...

All of my paycheck money is through direct deposit... I wake up and the money is there.
I can then pay my credit card, car insurance, student loan, cell phone and most everything else through the internet. Once in awhile I go to the bank to deposit checks or money orders but they usually sit here until they build up to be worth it to make the trip.

Dave - I give you credit though for trusting the leave the money in the envelope thing and hope it is deposited. I feel more comfortable with a computer processing my money then a bank teller as I always have a receipt.

I dunno I would feel like I am simply leaving my money there and hoping that they get it.
I don't get a paycheck. I work selling for myself and others online and most of my money comes into Paypal accounts. They won't do an instant transfer. They hold your money for 5 days so they can get the interest. So I have to pay $1.75 to get the money I already paid a charge on. And my bank limits the withdrawal to $200, so then I have to go to my other bank and pay another $2.00 to get the rest of my money so I can pay my rent.
You're right about putting cash into an ATM, but I've been doing it for years and it's worked.
I too accept paypal. The money transfer in itself is not because of Paypal... it is because paypal is treated as a third party check because they are not an acredited banking institution backed by the US Gov.
I am in such a bad temper!
i didn't get the job I went for again.
And I have spots.
There's more, as well.
Bored with job seeking. I've got actually five copies of
my resume and those plastic cover thingies to put them in
and having been to the employment agency
this morning and advised to go cold calling with these resumes,
but yawn.......
I just can't be bothered.
And because then I'll have to change out of my jeans, put
makeup on, etc, etc and I'm not feeling really extroverted
I felt okay before, it's just that oh well, I'll do it tomorrow
in a nice skirt!:cool:
I really probably will.......
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